5 Reasons Why Ours Are TERRIFIC Literature Study Guides

We 7 Sisters are proud of our terrific Literature Study Guides. We think they are the BEST for homeschooling high schoolers.

terrific literature study guides

TERRIFIC Literature Study Guides

They are make a wonderful educational choice for homeschooling high schoolers and here’s why:

1) Don’t kill the book, no busy-work 7Sisters Literature Study Guides are great for 3 kinds of students:

  • Homeschoolers who DON’T love to read but need to learn. The no-busywork, don’t-kill-the-book format of 7Sisters Literature Study Guides allow teens to learn what they need to learn without wasting their time.
  • Homeschoolers who LOVE to read and want to LEVEL-UP their credit. 7Sisters Literature Study Guides include thought-provoking activities that inspire and enrich their learning experiences. When they LEVEL-UP enough Literature and Writing Guides, they can earn a powerful HONORS credit.
  • Homeschoolers who are members of a large family, where independent study is a great idea. 7Sisters Literature Study Guides are understandable and perfect for individual work.

2) Christian worldview

All of 7Sisters terrific Literature Study Guides share a Christian worldview. While never preachy or cheesy, Christlike worldview permeates each Study Guide.

3) Adaptable, level-able

All of 7Sisters terrific Literature Study Guides are adaptable and level-able. What does that mean?

  • Some homeschoolers work best at an Average high school level. God gave them giftings in other areas, even though they must have a broad, rich experience with Literature. Our Literature Study Guides have instructions on how to simply adapt the guides for an average student without making it boring or overworking the parent.
  • Other homeschoolers need that Honors credit for Language Arts. Check each Study Guide for instructions on activities to enrich your high schooler’s experience and earn the high-powered credit.

4) Proven in the homeschool, high school field

All of 7Sisters terrific Literature Study Guides have been field tested with our own kids and with homeschool high school co-ops and group classes. They have been edited and approved by teens and moms!

5) Price

You can’t beat the value of 7Sisters Literature Study Guides. They help balance the homeschool budget!

Talk about balancing the budget: How about FREE?Anne of Green Gables

In order to introduce you to our guides, 7Sisters Literature Study Guide for the perennial favorite Anne of Green Gables is FREE! Download it today!

You can download the complete list of 7Sisters Literature Study Guides at this link.

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TERRIFIC Literature Study Guides

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