The Dog Ate My Planner – When Pilgrim’s Progress Gets Interrupted by Life

Here’s the story of about when the dog ate my planner- when Pilgrim’s Progress gets interrupted by life.

The Dog Ate My Planner - When Pilgrim's Progress Gets Interrupted by Life

The Dog Ate My Planner – When Pilgrim’s Progress Gets Interrupted by Life

Remember Pilgrim’s Progress? Pilgrim went on a journey and things kept happening that he didn’t expect. Homeschooling can feel like that. I plan, my family starts out on a journey of learning and life, and before I know it things happen that I didn’t expect.

Any time is a good time to evaluate how the homeschool year is going and to face the interruptions that may have thrown us off the track I thought we’d follow.

God has always encouraged His kids to stop and remember where they’ve come from, what they encountered along the way, and how He got them through.  Once they’ve taken stock, He reminds them of their destination and they get moving again, but now their focus is more firmly fixed on Him.

Pilgrim's Progress Literature Guide

What did Pilgrim find on his journey in John Bunyan’s classic allegory?  When I read this book with kids and discuss it, I have them track their own observations about Pilgrim’s many challenges and the lessons that arise from each.  I try to help them take note of lessons that truly span time and culture and apply to them just as much as they did to Pilgrim and his friends. Can I do the same thing myself?

Instead of simply looking at “Where I Thought We’d Be” vs. “Where We Really Are,” take stock of the journey so far in your homeschool.

  • What challenges did you encounter unexpectedly?
  • What can you learn from those challenges about God’s presence and provision for you and your family?

If it feels like the dog ate your planner, like illness or financial crisis or learning disability or a home remodel that turned ugly have thrown your homeschool into traffic, don’t despair.  Remember Pilgrim.  Remember God’s loving sovereignty over you.  Take a deep breath.  Take stock. Share the lessons you are learning with those you love.

Then take another step forward on the journey.  You will get to the end.  I promise.

Here’s an excerpt for the study guide for Pilgrim’s Progress.


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The Dog Ate My Planner – When Pilgrim’s Progress Gets Interrupted by Life



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