7 Important Reasons to Read The Hobbit for Homeschool High School Literature

Teens need to revisit Tolkien. Here are my thoughts about the importance of The Hobbit for Homeschool High School Literature.

The Hobbit for Homeschool High School Literature

The Hobbit for Homeschool High School Literature

While J.R.R. Tolkien originally wrote The Hobbit for his children, he was not assuming that his children needed to be protected from philosophic concepts and great literary devices. In fact, The Hobbit warrants a re-reading in high school in order to truly get the most out of this delightful classic.

The Hobbit Literature Study Guide

Here are 3 reasons why The Hobbit is important for homeschool high school literature credit:

  1. Homeschool high schoolers are exposed to introductory philosophic concepts. One concept is “The return to old truths”. Characters learn the importance of loyalty, honesty, sacrifice and other truths that are often forgotten in our 21st century culture. These Old Truths are discussed in our no busywork Study Guide for The Hobbit.
  2. Homeschool high schoolers see character development from timidity to courage and heroism in Bilbo. Read the book for character development: See how many heroes grow through the story!
  3. Homeschool high schoolers learn to spot literary devices like the basic parts of a myth-fantasy, irony, allusion, and sub-creation to name a few. (Discussed in the study guide.)
  4. Reluctant readers can be inspired to actually love reading SOME books. Read this post on how The Hobbit helped my son with dyslexia learn to love to read.
  5. Homeschool high schoolers can expand the experience by watching The Hobbit movie series. Have some educational fun. Have a compare/contrast discussion and maybe write an essay.short story myth fantasy
  6. Homeschool high schoolers enjoy completing a unit on The Hobbit by writing their own myth-fantasy short story. 7Sisters’ Myth-Fantasy Short Story Writing Guide is a no busywork, self-directed, delightful adventure in composing a 5-page story. It has long been a favorite of our local homeschoolers.
  7. Read Marilyn’s classic posts for inspiration: The Hobbit and Legacies and her visit to movies’ filming location in New Zealand.

I’ve never outgrown The Hobbit, myself (I have no idea how many times I’ve read it.) Want to make it part of a terrific British Literature credit? Download our Full-Year curriculum today!

The Hobbit for Homeschool High School Literature

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