Lesson Plans for Human Development from a Christian Worldview

Lesson Plans for Human Development from a Christian Worldview!

human development lesson plans

Lesson Plans for Human Development from a Christian Worldview

Ever since we published the Lesson Plans for Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective, there’s been a demand for Lesson Plans that will enhance 7Sisters’ Human Development from a Christian Worldview.

While we know homeschool parents have a wide array of needs for their students, these lesson plans give structure to parents who want it. Also saves times for busy parents who need to help squeezing in all subjects for all their students.

Teaching a homeschool co-op or group class for Human Development? Or do you have an engaged homeschool high schooler who wants more from his/her Human Development course?

This lesson plan guide includes for each chapter of Human Development from a Christian Worldview:
  • Objectives
  • Interactive activities and internet links for videos that enrich the learning experience

7Sisters’ Human Development from a Christian Worldview text includes these chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Prenatal Life
  • Chapter 2: The Neonate
  • Chapter 3: The First Two Years
  • Chapter 4: Preschool Years – Ages Two to Five
  • Chapter 5: The Elementary Years
  • Chapter 6: Adolescence
  • Chapter 7: Young Adulthood
  • Chapter 8: Middle Adulthood
  • Chapter 9: Senior Adulthood

The Lesson Plan guide adds fun and creative videos and interaction for each of those chapters.

AND at $2.00 it is a don’t-miss-it deal! Download your lesson plans today.

(Note that tests and answer key are included in Student Text.)
We also strive to keep the content current, so if at anytime you find a broken link or have questions just contact us! You can also reach other sisters by joining our 7Sisters Homeschool Facebook Group. 
Also, take advantage of our awesome Human Development Pinterest Boards:
Still not sure about how to teach Human Development from a Christian Worldview?
You can also create a full year class by combing Early Childhood Education with Human Development. 
Maybe you just need a syllabus? Well we have it for free! Suggested Syllabus for Human Development

Lesson Plans for Human Development from a Christian Worldview

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2 Replies to “Lesson Plans for Human Development from a Christian Worldview”

  1. Looking to change up the health class I’ve been teaching. I’ve looked to see if this meets the Georgia State Standards for Health. I can’t seem to find an answer. From what I’ve seen it appears it doesn’t cover quite enough to count. I hope this isn’t the case as I’d like to switch. Please let me know if you have any information on this.

    • Greetings, Anthony. You should be able to see on your state standards website what they want for health credit. Many of our teens have covered basic health (nutrition, exercise, self-care, etc) in other ways, so Human Development is a perfect next step for them. You can also check with any supervising organization you have to see what they want to see in your health credits. (BtW- watch, coming in the near future, a traditional (but out-of-the-box) health curriculum from 7Sisters.

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