Thinking About It? Homeschool High School- You Can Do It!

Thinking about homeschool high school? It is a magnificent way to educate teens! Grades 9-12 are so formative in guiding adolescents in looking for God’s plans for them, discovering their strengths and not being defeated by their weaknesses.

Thinking about homeschool high school? Feel intimidated?

Allow your 7Sisters to help!  Homeschool High School: You can Do It! $2.99 on Kindle

Homeschool High School: You Can Do It! has been a favorite since its release almost 2 years ago. Its $2.99 cost (on Kindle) is worth the investment in encouragement and wisdom from your homeschooling sisters.

You know, between the bunch of us 7 Sisters, we’ve homeschooled 26 of our kids through high school. We are also active in our local homeschool community as academic advisors and group-class teachers. We have helped guide our local students through solid academic and life preparation experiences so that they are ready for college, career, or calling.

We want to help our many other homeschool friends feel confident in making the homeschool high school decision.

That’s why we wrote Homeschool High School: You Can Do It!

We talk about:

  • What is included in a solid high school experience
  • Strategizing your homeschool high school program
  • Goal setting for high school

    homeschool high school
    Some of my kids at son #3’s college graduation
  • How to construct transcripts
  • What to put on a transcript
  • How to earn credits
  • 3 ways to enhance your teen’s transcript
  • 6 things colleges like to see on a homeschool high school transcript
  • How transcripts can be a catalyst for personal transformation
  • Basics of career exploration
  • How to handle history
  • How to cover science
  • The importance of studying human development
  • Tons of how-to’s for language arts
  • How to teach world languages
  • How to handle maths
  • What to do about fine arts

Now to get you started, here’s my vlog about the perfect homeschool high school transcript:


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