After Homeschool Graduation: 5 Tips for Academic Success in College

After Homeschool Graduation:  Here Are 5 Tips for Academic Success in College

After Homeschool Graduation: Tips for Success in College

Tips for Academic Success in College

One of the blessings of serving as homeschool high school academic advisor for so many years to hearing from the kids while they are in college. A number of the kids will stay in touch and I usually ask them for the tips for academic success in college that they’ve learned either by wisdom or the hard way.

Some of the tips are obvious:

  • Go to class
  • Spend time studying
  • Don’t wait until the night before a big assignment or exam to get started

Others are not so obvious:

  • Sit in the T-zone in class (first 2 rows or down the middle)
  • Visit your professors during office hours
  • Think of questions to ask or ask them if you’re on the right track with papers
  • Ask for help (professors, TAs, labs)
  • Volunteer in your major’s department
  • Join organizations in your major’s department
  • Find a study group from each class (or create one)
  • Be the last student out of a class
  • Never close your computer, binders or books while the professor is still talking
  • Type up your notes after each class

We have other blog posts on tips for college:

We have a Facebook group of sisters all with different experiences in the homeschool high school journey. If you have a question or want some extra encouragement come and join us!

In this vlog I share the 5 most common tips that the homeschool-to-college kids have given me. Take a listen!

Tips for Academic Success in College

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2 Replies to “After Homeschool Graduation: 5 Tips for Academic Success in College”

  1. These are great tips for non-homeschooled kids as well! Although, I suppose they’re much more important for kids who were homeschooled and won’t be used to “traditional” schooling.

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