Twas the Week Before Christmas: Homeschool Holiday Curriculum

Ready for a fun, useful holiday homeschool experience? Twas the Week Before Christmas: Homeschool Holiday Curriculum.

Twas the Week Before Christmas Homeschool Holiday Curriculum Have fun and log school hours during the holidays.

Twas the Week Before Christmas: Homeschool Holiday Curriculum

Want to log homeschooling hours with the whole family but still get some education? Here’s a little poem to get you inspired!

Twas the week before Christmas

And all through the house

The homeschoolers were busy

Kids, mom and good spouse

The schoolbooks were hidden, some here and some there

In hopes that a day-off soon would be here

The children were breakfasting in quiet contemplation

Hoping for no boring math, English or scientific investigation

When out from the schoolroom there arose such a clatter

Teens and tots sprang from the table to see what was the matter

Nothing was wrong, it was just mom so happy!

Her face was a-glowing, her hands were a-clappy!

“We can log hours for homeschooling today!

There’s science, reading, writing, art, history: Hooray!

But it is all about the Season! Oh, it will be fun!

You will all enjoy it! Each daughter, each son!”

The children all cheered for their textbooks could hide

But still school could happen. “But FUN school,” they sighed

From the top of the stairs to the foot of the hall

They dashed to get ready and all had a ball!


What is that homeschooling family SO excited about? 7Sisters’ Twas the Week Before Christmas Curriculum Bundle!

Twas the Week Before Christmas Homeschool Holiday Curriculum
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Here’s what you will find in the bundle for the homeschoolers in your family:

  • Writing/Social Studies project: Writing a Holiday Family Narrative Short Story Writing Guide (5 fun lessons for a week of creative writing) for middle and high school students
  • Literature project: Cinema Studies for Literature Learning Study Guide for A Christmas Carol (1984) starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge for high school students
  • Literature/Social Studies Activities: Literature Study Guide Hymns and Creeds (including study of lyrics to traditional Christmas carols) for high school students
  • Reading project: Literature Activity Guide for Just in Time for Christmas by Louise Borden for elementary students
  • Science Activities: Holiday Science Experiences for all ages
  • Arts and Crafts Activities: Holiday Fine Arts and Crafts for all ages
  • Fine Arts/Drama Activity: The Christmas Carol War script for a fun taste of Readers Theater for your family or co-op
  • Fine Arts/Music Activity: Christmas Carols in languages from around the world

And encouragement for Mom!

  • Christmas with 7Sisters: Real Christmas for Real People (including personal stories from your “big sisters” and tips for handling the holidays when things are harder than usual…after the death of a loved one, when finances are especially tight, when your family is broken or blended, etc.)
  • Making Great Use of Holiday Family Gatherings in Your Homeschool (a 3-page article to help you blend learning and celebration)
  • A collection of favorite Christmas recipes from each of us at 7Sisters
  • A Prayer Journal to encourage you to spend the time you NEED with God as a new year is about to begin

Before you get started, have a little fun with this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Handling Difficult People over the Holidays.

Twas the Week Before Christmas: Homeschool Holiday Curriculum

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