4 Necessary Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript

What are types of courses for homeschool transcript will your high schooler need?

Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript

Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript

As homeschool advisor during the last couple of decades, I got lots of questions about the types of courses for the homeschool transcript. It is important to make sure you include these 4 types of courses so that your teens’ transcripts prepare your teen for life and are attractive to colleges (for those who are college-bound).

Here are the 4 necessary types of courses for the homeschool transcript:

Core Courses:

These are the basic academic courses needed by all homeschool high schoolers for graduation. Check HSLDA for state requirements for the exact number of each of these courses. Here is a post on earning credits and assigning levels.

Other State Requirements. Here are some common subjects that vary as far as requirements by state but DEFINITELY build sparkle on a homeschool transcript!

Elective Courses

(courses that are of special interest to your homeschooler). Here are some our local homeschoolers have completed (although some of these might fit under Core or Other categories, they were beyond and above the basic requirements):

  • Praise Band
  • Speech
  • Photography
  • Civil War Studies
  • Astronomy
  • Filmmaking
  • Philosophy
  • Food and Nutrition Science
  • Soccer

    Speech I: Public Speaking curriculum from 7SistersHomeschool.com

Career Exploration

(these include specific Career Exploration texts, apprenticeships, courses that introduce a possible career option):

Now, courses are NOT the only thing one should record on the transcript. Here are posts on Electives and Extracurriculars.

Early Childhood education

Types of Courses for Homeschool Transcript


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