How to Use Elementary Literature Activity Guides With Your Homeschooler

The author, Wayne Thorp, shares how to use Elementary Literature Activity Guides with your homeschooler.

How to Use Elementary Literature Activity Guides With Your Homeschooler

How to Use Elementary Literature Activity Guides With Your Homeschooler

I was asking the author of 7Sisters’ delightful Elementary Literature Activity Guides how to use the guides with an individual homeschooler (tomorrow he shares how to use them in a co-op setting).

7Sisters’ Elementary Literature Activity Guides are built around:

Children love reading the books, or having them read to them. Then they love following up on the story with activities from the 7Sisters Literature Activity Guides.

The are structured to keep most students occupied with reading for at least two-to-three days, perhaps an entire week.

You can do the entire guide with your homeschooler or pick and choose according to your child’s needs:

Literature Activity Guide for A Tale of Peter Rabbit

  • For a student working alone with a guide, you simply can pick and choose what that homeschooler needs.
  • If comprehension is no problem but spelling is challenging, then use the suggested spelling list the guide offers.
  • Also, if decoding those confounded sight words is a struggle, then emphasis can be placed on the Roll’em activity.
  • Certainly all learning-to-read students can benefit from learning and reinforcing the reading skills offered in each activity guide.
  • All homeschoolers benefit from choosing a research suggestion. 

Sample Weekly Schedule while using Elementary Activity Guide

This is a suggested schedule to follow while using any of the Elementary Activity Guides. Adjustments can (and probably should) be made to meet the needs of the individual child. Some homeschoolers may be able to complete a guide independently in three days, while others may need help and take longer. Remember: GO AT YOUR CHILD’S PACE!

Literature Activity Guide for Very Hungry Caterpillar

  • Read the story for fun (adult can read it if the child struggles)
  • Do the Spelling Sort provided in the Activity Guide
  • Read through the vocabulary list to have student become familiar with the words


  • Define the vocabulary words
  • Do the Roll’em and Read’em activity
  • Re-read the story
  • Fill in the Story Elements activity sheet


  • Do the Spelling Activity provided in the guide
  • Do Roll’em and Read’em
  • Complete at least one of the Comprehension Skills activities
  • Start one of the Research activities
  • Find the vocabulary words in the bookMeet Joey Monster Book and Activity Guide


  • Re-read the story and answer the Comprehension Questions provided in the guide [Note: may be done orally; OR adult record the answers; OR student write out own answers]
  • Continue to work on the Skills
  • Do the Spelling Sort again, this time writing out each group of words
  • Continue Research


  • Spelling assessment [Traditional test; and/or write/use the words in sentences showing meaning]
  • Finish any of the Skills activities
  • Present Research findings

REMEMBER: This is just a suggested schedule, contour it to meet your child’s needs! Any questions?

Activity Guide You Are Special

You can check out all 20 Elementary Literature Activity Guides and download your FREE copy of You Are Special Elementary Literature Activity Guide and get started with fun, active learning with your homeschooler! Download the Complete List of Elementary Literature Activity Guides to help you with your planning!


How to Use Elementary Literature Activity Guides With Your Homeschooler


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