Fun & Useful Elective: Combining Human Development and Early Childhood Education

Here are tips for a fun & useful elective: combining Human Development and Early Childhood Education for homeschool high schoolers.

Fun & Useful Elective: Combining Human Development and Early Childhood Education

Fun & Useful Elective: Combining Human Development and Early Childhood Education

One of the best things about homeschooling high school is that we can create tailor-made electives for our teens. They are not limited in their choices, but can have courses that truly:

  • Build a powerful transcript
  • Truly prepare them for life
  • Explore interests
  • Begin building a career

A number of homeschooling families that I’ve advised have enjoyed combining 7Sisters’ Human Development and Early Childhood Education courses for a powerful, fun and useful elective credit.

Why is this such a great elective? Here’s why:

Human Development

Human Development is the study of the ways people grow and change from womb to old age: physically, cognitively, emotionally and socially. It is important for teens to get a grasp on these concepts because:

  • It helps them understand themselves
  • It helps them understand their family members (and extended family members)
  • It helps them understand people in the community that they need to interact with
  • It helps prepare them for parenthood
  • It helps prepare them for helping their parents as they eventually become senior citizens
  • 7Sisters’ Human Development course is especially helpful because:
    • It is presented (without preachiness) from a Christian worldview
    • It is level-able to different abilities and interests
    • It is a NO-busywork curriculum, so it does not waste teens’ precious time
    • There are tests and a separate answer key for parents
    • There is an inexpensive Lesson Plan Guide for enriching the material for meaningful individual or co-op activities

human development lesson plans

Early Childhood Education is a course that builds on the learning in Human Development. 7Sisters’ Early Childhood Education e-text:

Early Childhood education

  • Prepares teens for meaningful babysitting or nursery-volunteering experiences
  • Prepares teens to become intentional, interactive parents someday
  • Prepares teens who want to study Early Childhood Education in college for their future studies
  • Explores the ways that children learn from ages 2 years through 5 years
  • Explores various pre-school teaching philosophies in a fun, hands-on, project-based manner
  • 7Sisters’ ECE curriculum is helpful because
    • It is presented from a (non-preachy) Christian worldview
    • It is a NO-busywork curriculum
    • Includes an answer key
    • It’s fun!

Here is one way to combine Human Development for a fun and useful credit.

You can create a 2-semester course:

  • Semester 1: Human Development
    • Using 7Sisters’ Human Development from a Christian Worldview AND our affordable ($2.00) Human Development Lesson Plans, outline the first semester’s activities. The lesson plans are broken into 18 weeks based on each of the 9 chapters in the Human Development text. This is a long-ish semester, so feel free to omit any lessons that don’t fit the schedule.
      • This will include videos, hands-on activities and a project
      • There are additional activities in the text for students who wish to explore the topic in greater depth
  • Semester 2: Early Childhood Education
  • Using 7Sisters Early Childhood Education text, develop a schedule with one chapter per week based on the 15 chapters in the text.
    • This will include fun hands-on activities and lesson-plan development and a final project

Recording combined Human Development and Early Childhood Education on the homeschool transcript:

Choose a name for your course. Here are some suggestions:

  • Human Development (leaving out the ECE title because the topic integrates nicely with Human Development)
  • Human Development and Early Childhood Education (a long title but good detail)
  • Explorations in Human Development
  • Human Development and Practical Life Skills

You may also record the LEVEL at which the curriculum was completed.

  • This is not necessary for electives, but for college-bound students it does add power to the credit
  • For college-bound students: the 2 courses combined are ONE Level 3 College-Prep credit
    • This credit may be leveled-up to Advanced (Level 4) or Honors (Level 5) by including the additional activities in the Human Development text
  • For NON-college bound students: the 2 course combined are 1.5 credits at Level 2 (Average High School)

Assign a grade.

  • Base the grade on your goals for the course. Include:
    • Tests
    • Projects
    • Homework
    • Lesson Plans in ECE
  • You may also include:
    • Class participation (attitude, if done in individual study)
    • Timeliness of assignments (deductions for late work)
    • Organization of materials (everything kept neatly and in order in a binder)

There’s not ONE right way to combine Human Development and ECE. Let us know how YOU develop your teens’ course.

Fun & Useful Elective: Combining Human Development and Early Childhood Education

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