Ways Organizations Can Help Prevent Bullying, Interview with Candice Dugger

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Ways Organizations Can Help Prevent Bullying, Interview with Candice Dugger. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Ways Organizations Can Help Prevent Bullying, Interview with Candice Dugger

Ways Organizations Can Help Prevent Bullying, Interview with Candice Dugger

October is Bullying Prevention Month. Our friend, Candice Dugger, of Bullied, Broken, Redeemed joins us again for this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast. We wanted to talk about ways organizations can help their staff and members learn and teach bullying prevention.

In our last chat with Candice, she explained ways to help prevent bullying for our own children, but we felt we should also help give some resources for the many of us moms who are also involved in homeschool, church and community organizations. When organizations have the tools to establish and anti-bullying culture, they can truly be blessings to all involved.

When Candice and her family started homeschooling, she was surprised to find that there were few resources about bullying that were available. She was concerned, especially with the rise in cyberbullying, that there were not tools for homeschooling families. That is why she started Bullied, Broken, Redeemed and why she is sharing these tips.

Tips for establishing an anti-bullying culture

Tip #1: Acknowledge we have an issue

Candice says that sometimes we homeschooling parents feel because we are homeschooling that are kids are in a “bubble” where there will be no bullying. However, homeschooling families tend to be active in their homeschool, church and community organizations. Not only that, but because there are broken people in many organizations, they may run into a bullying situation at some point.

Homeschooling can help give an environment of healing for a bullied child. Therefore, please understand the healing grace of love and home while applying it in group settings, also.

Tip #2: Training to help our organization staff and leaders is helpful

  • How can adults learn to identify bullying in the groups they help with?
  • What is the difference between conflict and bullying?
  • Where can they find words and tools for helping their young people to:
    • Identify bullying
    • What to do when they see a bullying behavior

Even at homeschool co-op, give staff and teens tools for bullying prevention. - Candice Dugger

Tip #3: Develop a policy on bullying and a code of conduct

Discuss also if the policy will extend to cyberbullying outside the organizations specific activities. (For more on policymaking for homeschool co-ops, check out this episode from our friend Carol Topp, at Homeschool CPA podcast.

  • What happens if someone makes a complaint of bullying?
  • Can reports of bullying be anonymous?
  • Who is the person(s) to report bullying to?
  • How will you establish the procedures for teachers/staff to follow in reporting bullying?
  • What will be done with the report of bullying?
  • Which tools for self-advocating will be used for training young people about bullying?
  • What format for teaching anti-bullying skills will be used and when?

Creating a structure for an organization to deal with bullying empowers everyone from child through staff through leadership with the tools they need. Young people who learn the tools of dealing with bullying are equipped with a lifelong skill.

If you are a co-op mom pulling together resources for teaching about bullying prevention next year:

  • Create a co-op handbook and put bullying policies in place
  • As the homeschool year starts, do a basic training about bullying and expectations for dealing with it. Give young people space and procedure to talk about it.
  • Remember, bullying is not a simple teasing, simple conflict or a simply walking-away behavior. It is a cruel behavior that has the intent to put a person down and harm them.
    • She points out that suicide is the leading cause of death in children aged ten and up, and that bullying is often behind it. This is common enough that it is given a name: “bullycide”
  • Candice points out that, “Evil only bows to authority”.
    • So co-op kids need to know who are the authorities at co-op
    • If the authority addresses the bullying, it stops. If it is allowed to continue, it will continue and escalate.
  • Authorities can understand that kids who bully are projecting their brokenness. Therefore, bullies need boundaries set by those in charge . At the same time, authorities need to have a plan about addressing the brokenness.
    • Candice’s workshop Understanding Gen Z Bullies is a helpful tool for getting things set up.
  • Here are more excellent, practical tips on handling bullies in this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast.

Want help training your staff to create a bully-proof culture? Candice’s organization has a number of tools:

  • Video training for staff on understanding Gen Z bullying
    • Candice tells us that they will release a course soon: 16 full weeks with test, vocabulary, and certificate of completion and release for individuals and groups same time. I’m also adding a bonus option for faith based groups to be able to discuss. That delayed my full release a week or two. What if we have your listeners email me for 10% off available through November 30th. Contact us: https://www.bulliedbrokenredeemed.com/contact-us/
  • More video training for students of various ages on understanding Gen Z bullying
    • Accompanying materials with activities, role plays, tools for interaction and advocacy, tools for healing
  • One-on-one and group training, weekend retreats (when COVID is not preventing)

You can find Candice Dugger at:

Join Vicki and Candice for an informative discussion about ways organizations can help prevent bullying.


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Ways Organizations Can Help Prevent Bullying, Interview with Candice Dugger

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