What Are You Thinking? Helping Teens Learn to Think Well

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What Are You Thinking? Helping Homeschool Teens to Think Well

What Are You Thinking? Helping Teens Learn to Think Well

Ever ask your teen, “What were you thinking?” Sometimes teens are impulsive and not thinking at all. Sometimes that doesn’t really matter, there wasn’t real damage done by some of their impulsive actions.

However, there are times were our teens need to be aware of and pay attention to what they are thinking, why they are thinking what they are thinking AND what they will do about it.

Think about it:

  • Social media algorithms that tailor feed to what they think our teens want to hear…but those social media algorithms are molding our teens’ thinking with one-sided information.
  • Fake news is real…how can teens learn to discern what is factual news and what is not?
  • Advertising is based on different ideas and values that want to catch your teens’ attention.
  • Politics, no matter where your elected officials stand on a topic, are all based on one philosophy or another.

What should a homeschool parent do?

Have your teens learn philosophy!

When you *think* about it, philosophers run the world. They do the thinking and writing and explaining that becomes what ordinary people eventually use in deciding everything from social media to health care.

Some philosopher thought it first, then explained the idea, then the idea was integrated into culture…often without people even knowing what’s driving them. People, if they are not careful, can be driven to behave in ways they might not agree with…if they thought about it.

When you *think* about it, there are 4 questions that can help you and your teens develop thinking skills:

  • What is there?
  • How do we know?
  • What do we do about it?
  • Why?

Those are the 4 questions that Dr. Micah Tillman teaches teens to skillfully use in his delightful high school philosophy text, Philosophy in 4 Questions. Micah wrote the text to help teens learn the thinking and discerning skills that will help them drive their own ideas and behaviors and not be blindly driven. It is a delightful, user-friendly text with answer key.

Philosophy in 4 Questions. 7SistersHomeschool.com

One way to ease teens into the *thought* that they need to develop *thinking* skills is to integrate basic philosophical ideas into their study of World History. Since philosophers stand in the background of much of history, a text that helps homeschool high schoolers earn their world history credit while learning some basics is a good idea. That’s why Micah and I worked together on History and Philosophy of the Western World, which despite the dry title, is a fun and user-friendly text.

History and Philosophy of the Western World

Teens who enjoy pop culture might also enjoy Micah’s popular Top 40 Philosophy podcast. (And visit MicahTillman.com for a FREE logic course.)

Watch Sabrina’s take on thinking. What do you think?

What Are You Thinking? Helping Teens Learn to Think Well

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