When You Can’t Find Other Homeschool Families

Here’s what to do when you can’t find other homeschool families.

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When You Can’t Find Other Homeschool Families

Sometimes it can be difficult to find other homeschooling families. When you’re new to an area or are just starting homeschooling OR you need to change things up as your homeschool kids become homeschool teens.

We know that adolescence is the time that teens are needing different kinds of connection. In Human Development (a very useful course for teens), they learn that they are in the *Identity Formation* time of life.

Human Development

They help build their identities through the many things they do in:

  • family
  • homeschooling
  • church
  • hobbies
  • sports
  • service
  • learning from role models
  • other activities

Adolescents also build identity with being around peers. (But they don’t need all-day-at-school to achieve this. Read this post on socialization.)

How to Answer the Common Question About Homeschooling: What About Socialization? 7SistersHomeschool.com #HomeschoolSocialization
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Hopefully, most of the interactions they have with peers in homeschooling situations will be positive. If they have a negative experience, this can be good, if the teen learns assertiveness or grace or other soft skills through processing the experience with their parents.

SO what should you do when you can’t find other homeschool families?

Here are some things that our various homeschool friends have shared with us about how to locate other homeschool families (this is particularly aimed at families with homeschool high schoolers).

*Try searching these words in Google (or your search engine):

  • Homeschool community in my area
  • Homeschool groups in my area
  • Homeschool activities in my area
  • Homeschool support groups in my area

*Join Homeschool Legal Defense Association (always a good idea) and then check out their local homeschool groups listings.

*Check out Homeschooling Meetups. When our friend, Latonya, couldn’t find other homeschoolers in her area, she started a meetup and connected with families in that way.

*Check your library for local homeschool groups that have activities there or for outreaches the library has there.

*Ask around at your church.

*Find your local or state homeschool organization, join it, get their media, come to know it a little, then start your own local group (advertising in the state organization’s media, as they allow).

*Have your homeschool high schoolers take live, online high school level courses (there are SO many options, just search around for some that feel like a good fit)

*Join a Facebook Group for your state and/or local area. You’ll meet people there, for sure.

*Join a Facebook Group about homeschooling high school. Here are 3 of my favorites:

*Take classes at local homeschool umbrella schools (they are often listed in state homeschool organization’s media and/or found by Google search). Umbrella schools are sometimes called *cover schools* or *charter schools*. (The term *charter school* is defined quite differently from state to state.) Participate in as much as possible.

*Join a class at the YMCA or local karate or dance studio. (They often offer classes in the daytime just for homeschoolers.)

*Join a service organization in your area. Service needs to be on the transcript anyway, so your teen can get two good results for one activity (service hours and meet people).

*Join local youth organizations. The teens will not be exclusively homeschooled but the likelihood is better that they will meet SOME homeschoolers in 4H, robotics leagues, Civil Air Patrol.

*Some universities offer special music or art courses for teens. If you don’t have that option, check classes for teens at local art or music studios (tour them first).

*Join competitions for teens in the area. Some may be difficult to find in every area and some may simply involve short-term rubbing shoulders with other teens, but you never know if something good might come out of it!

*See if there is an Army Educational Outreach Program in your area.

It can be a challenge to find other homeschooling families, but with a some effort and prayer, you will! We love our local homeschool community and our digital one, as well- so we know the search is worth the work. Keep on trying!


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When You Can’t Find Other Homeschool Families

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