Who’s Got Your Back? Support for Homeschool Moms

Hey, Homeschool Mom: Who’s got your back? Here is some support for homeschool moms.

Who's Got Your Back? Support for Homeschool Moms. Where to look for encouragement for homeschool moms: #7SistersHomeschool #EncouragementForHomeschoolMoms #HomeschoolEncouragement #SupportForHomeschoolMoms

Who’s Got Your Back? Support for Homeschool Moms

There are times in a homeschool mom’s life where she needs a boost. I know I’ve felt that way a gazillion times over the decades of homeschooling my 5 kids. I love my kids and we love homeschooling. But I need a little encouragement and support during times when I am tired, discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed, sick… or all of the those.

Here are 4 ways to find encouragement for homeschool moms.

Support for Homeschool Moms 1: God Strengthening You through Listening Prayer

I read a book once by a counselor who works with clergy who are stressed out, overwhelmed and depressed. He said that me makes them promise to quietly listen to God for 3 minutes a day. He said that at first people will tell him that they are too busy for that, but once they try it, they find that 3 minutes a day of quietness is enormously healthy.

For 3 minutes a day, they are BEING with God, instead of DOING for God. It is a tiny sabbath in the day that gives them strength.

This is just as important for us homeschool moms! One of the most powerful ways to experience encouragement for homeschool moms is listening prayer.

We are so busy doing all of our duties (which is good), that sometimes we do not have time to be with God. It is easy to slip into a legalistic mindset, never feeling like we can do enough or do it well enough.

(Want some great thoughts on teens and legalism? Listen to this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast where our friend, Kendra Fletcher, shares her wisdom and experience.)

If you have not had a chance to try quiet listening when you pray, here are some tips:

    • Start by getting stuff off your chest
      • The stressors in life are going to be nagging you while you try to listen. God cares about them. Talk to Him about them.
    • Physically quiet yourself
      • Did you know that the part of your brain that processes spiritual information is near the “watch-out!” parts of your brain? Sometimes we have to physically turn off the brain’s stress centers in order to allow our spiritual processing centers to be attentive. We do this by deep breathing! Oxygen turns off the stress hormones that are activated by the stresses in life. Do some deep breathing.
    • Get your mind on God
    • Now be quiet
      • No problem solving, no requests. Breathe and listen. If your mind wanders, don’t worry about it just refocus on breathing or thoughts of Christ. What you might hear at first is the crickets chirping outside your window, but eventually, you will start to recognize a still, small Voice. That Voice has been speaking all along. You just needed ears to hear… and practice listening.
Support for Homeschool Moms. 7Sisters is here to provide resources and encouragement for homeschool moms. There are 6 of us 7Sisters: Sabrina, Kym, Vicki, Marilyn, Allison, Sara. Who is the 7th Sister? YOU are!

Support for Homeschool Moms 2: Homeschool Moms Offering Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

We 7Sisters have been blessed to know each other for many long years. We started out serving together in our homeschool support group. Then we began co-oping together. Next we started a homeschool umbrella school together. Then we started 7SistersHomeschool.com together. Here’s our story.

  • There are 6 of us 7Sisters: Sabrina, Kym, Vicki, Marilyn, Allison, Sara. Who is the 7th Sister?
    • YOU are!

We have found over the years that we can have 2 kinds of homeschool mom support:

What groups can you add to the list?

Support for homeschool moms. Learn from this quote: Motherhood is all about guilt, that's why we need to learn to be all about God's grace.

Support for Homeschool Moms 3: You’ve Got to Have Your Back!

Do you know who tends to be hardest on homeschool moms? Homeschool moms.

Good moms tend to notice that they can never be enough or do enough. There are always:

  • More dishes
  • More lessons to plan, teach or grade
  • More irritations

We tend to condemn ourselves for every imperfections. That’s why I always say, “Motherhood is all about guilt, that’s why we need to learn to be all about God’s grace.”

When we can remind ourselves to look for grace, every day, every moment. We will not be controlled by guilt (which slows us down) but rather, can continue to grow.

Self-care is one way to have your back. Here is a favorite post on practical self-care for homeschool moms.

Support for Homeschool Moms: The Why and How of Self-Care for Homeschool Moms. Moms need enough self-nurture to keep strong and healthy so that they can care for their homeschool families. #HomeschoolMom #HomeschoolSelfCare
Click image to read post.

Support for Homeschool Moms 4: Continuing education is a way to have your own back

Keep learning! You will be surprised by how much better you feel when you learn something new. Listen to this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast for ideas about continuing education for homeschool moms.

May you continue to experience more and more that God loves you!

Read about Brainmusha Materae (a made-up name for mom brain mush)!

Encourage yourself with this homeschool mom acrostic.

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Who’s Got Your Back? Support for Homeschool Moms

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