Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons: A fun video by homeschool high schoolers about their adventures with ballroom dance and why it was worth their while.

Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

For your amusement on this fine day, 7Sisters is happy to share with you a video made by 3 of our homeschooled sons in their Cinematography Club.

Give it a moment to load (if your computer is a little slow like mine is sometimes), then prepare to be convinced as you learn….


Starring (in the order of their appearance):

Casey Groop (that’s Marilyn’s son, and soon to be my son-in-law)

Ezra Tillman (that’s Vicki’s #4 baby)

and Sam White (that’s my little bundle of joy)

(and that lovely girl being mean to Casey is my daughter, Bekah, who will INDEED dance with Casey on their wedding day the end of May!)

For many years, a group of homeschoolers in our area have coordinated a series of ballroom dancing lessons in the winter, culminating in a Cotillion near Valentine’s Day.  The lessons have been a highlight of the year for many of our kids, and one year we needed a few more guys to balance out the girls’ numbers in lessons….and so was born the video you are about to watch.

Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons

You see we love to encourage our kids in the fine arts! We even have a resource Fine Arts for Non-Artsy People. Vicki Tillman shares a fun and easy way to earn a General Fine Arts credit in a way that enriches your teen with beautiful (and simple) experiences. This is a no-fuss, no-fail way to expose your high schooler to beautiful art, music and drama.

We love cinema so much we even created Cinema Studies for Literature Learning Curriculum. Cinema Studies for Literature Learning curriculum is geared to the visual learner in high school, to those who are reluctant readers or for whom reading is very time-consuming, and to those who love movies! Good movies tell good stories, and good storytelling requires the use of traditionally respected literary devices and techniques. With a little help from a study guide, many movies introduce the viewer to excellent literature that is being presented in a visual medium.

Have you done some out of the box activities with your homeschool high school students? 

We hope we are not the only ones having our kids take ballroom lessons!

Why A Guy Would Want To Take Ballroom Dance Lessons really comes down to being brave to try a new thing! Even when it is an unpopular idea among their peers.

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