Why the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an Important Lit Choice

Here’s why the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an important choice for homeschool high schoolers.

C. S. Lewis space trilogy

C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy

Teens need to:

  • Learn to recognize God’s leading and bravely follow
  • Learn to recognize and stand up to modernistic philosophies that are destructive
  • Learn to stand up to people who are destructive
  • Learn to think imaginatively in understanding problems and creating solutions

While C. S. Lewis did not write the Space Trilogy specifically for teens, he did cover all these bases.

The Space Trilogy tells the story of Elwin Ransom, a respected Cambridge University professor of philology (the study of languages), who goes for a walk one day and ends up on Mars. He’s on Mars not by his own will but because he was kidnapped and smuggled there!

Ransom’s adventures on Mars are the topic of the first book of the Space Trilogy, titled Out of the Silent Planet. Written in 1937, long before Hubble telescopes or space travel, C.S. Lewis was free to create a fantasy world on Mars. It was full of different kinds of “peoples” (certainly not what humans on Earth would call “people”): hrossa, seroni, and eldila.

Ransom learns to accept and love the “people” of Malacandra (their name for Mars).

He also must defend the Malacandrians from the evil-doers who kidnapped him. These men exemplified the modernistic philosophies that C.S. Lewis believed were destructive (materialism- the love of “stuff”, humanism- the adulation of mankind, scientism- the worship of science)- and besides that, they were just plain bad guys who did bad things.

Ransom comes to know the angels (eldila) appointed by God to help in that world and through that connection he begins to understand the reality of the spirit realm.

C. S. Lewis had four goals for Out of the Silent Planet:

  1. He wanted to smuggle Christian theology into a good story
  2. He wanted to “baptize his readers’ imagination”. In other words, he wanted to write such an out-of-the-box story that it helped the reader’s imagination to grow.
  3. He wanted to fight modernistic philosophies and worldviews.
  4. He wanted to show that God’s angelic realm is “more real” than our tangible world.

C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy is Important Reading for Teens

In the following beautifully written books of the Space Trilogy, Perelandra and That Hideous StrengthLewis continues to chronicle Ransom’s God-ordained missions. As they read about Ransom’s missions, homeschool high schoolers will learn to recognize “this is God’s leading,” “this is the trick of the evil one,” “this is philosophically dangerous,” or “this action will line up with my philosophy.”

The 7 Sisters Study Guides for Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra, and That Hideous Strength contain no busywork; instead they give simple information on the theological and philosophical concepts C.S. Lewis has embedded in the stories. The guides coach high schoolers through the concepts with comprehension and inferential questions.

Most appropriate for teens who are at the “Deep Thinking Stage of Life”, the Space Trilogy is a useful Literature choice to add richness to History and Philosophy of the Western World.

Don’t let high school go by without bringing the C.S. Lewis Space Trilogy to your homeschoolers!

Out of the Silent Planet Study Guide

Perelandra Literature Study Guide

That Hideous Strength Literature Study Guide

Single volume containing all THREE guides for $12.99

C.S. Lewis' Space Trilogy Literature Study Guides for High School

Why the C. S. Lewis Space Trilogy is an important lit choice.


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