Why You Should Consider Christian Apologetics for Your Teen

There’s not one right way to homeschool, but carefully considering options is always wise, and here’s why you should CONSIDER Christian Apologetics for Your Teen.

Why You Should Consider Christian Apologetics for Your Teen

Why You Should CONSIDER Christian Apologetics for Your Teen

Each of our homeschool high schoolers is wired uniquely. We 7Sisters can attest to that! Some of our teens were questionners about the big questions in life. Others were happy to “go with the flow”: they liked who they were and where they were and did not need lots of wrestling. Some went back and forth.

However, all our teens really appreciated their Apologetics elective in homeschool high school.

We imagine your teens are similar to our teens.

So, for some of teens, their faith will be primarily rooted in their personal experience of life as a follower of Jesus. For them, intellectual wrestling will not be a big problem. They were be content with various mysteries of faith, rather than troubled by them.

But for many other Christians, that intellectual wrestling will have a profound impact on their faith.

We do not want to be afraid of our teens’ wrestling with their faith and with their questions. It is not usually useful to try to squash or quell those questions. However, it is a really good idea to give them some tools for wrestling well. That is what Apologetics is all about.

Christian Apologetics is the practice of discovering and articulating a reasonable defense of faith in Christ. It does not necessarily lead to debate, or definitive, opposition-crushing PROOF, but it does result in:

  • information
  • perspective and
  • a connection to resources for further study that can defend a life of faith based on belief in the Bible as God’s word.

Apologetics helps teens think with some empowerment about the many things they will hear in social media, the news or even in courses at college. So many questions are raised by scientific theories, cultural anthropological study, and archaeological finds presented from only one perspective. Good tools for Christian Apologetics will help believers examine that same information from a Bible-informed point of view.

And this is why you should consider Christian Apologetics for your teen!

7Sisters is delighted to be able to share with you AT NO COST some Christian Apologetics tools that may be an excellent fit for your teens. This is the course our teens experienced in their homeschool group classes. They loved it and they loved their teacher: Dr. Culley of Good Answers Ministries.

Good Answers ministries is the passion project of Dr. Gerald R. Culley, a retired Professor of Classics from the University of Delaware (and the father of 7Sisters’ Allison and Sabrina!). In addition to teaching Latin, Ancient Greek, Greek Mythology at UD for decades, Dr. Culley developed computer-assisted software for teaching Latin, among other innovative teaching adventures in the 1980’s, and his love of helping people learn did not dim when he retired!

Developing these resources in response to his own intellectual wrestling with questions of faith, science, anthropology, and history, he dedicated his retirement years to crafting presentations that would help other Christians with a need for Good Answers to difficult questions.

Did you catch that? No cost!!

Dr. Culley wanted homeschool high schoolers to have these Apologetics tools, so he gave them to 7Sisters to get to teens for free!

Each Good Answers Apologetics Presentation includes:

  • a Powerpoint slideshow,
  • optional .mp3 voiceover file,
  • and PDF transcript.
  • Many also include supplemental video files. 

The presentations are most easily accessed via the Good Answers YouTube Channel. The file sizes are so large that downloading them from our store is usually more trouble than it is worth. Our store has links to these wonderful resources via Dr.
Culley’s YouTube channel.

7Sisters has created suggestions for incorporating Good Answers presentations into your homeschool year. We never charge for them (in accordance with Dr. Culley’s conviction that his Apologetics work should never cost anyone a penny), but we do offer a couple of FREE syllabus options that make it easy to provide a formal high school credit course to your teen.

So, if this post has convinced you as to why you should consider Christian Apologetics for your teen, click here to read Dr. Culley’s personal testimony about the beginnings of this Good Answers labor of love. 

Click here to download a free syllabus to help you organize an Apologetics elective credit for the high school transcript.

And click here to visit the Good Answers YouTube Channel to begin your exploration of Christian Apologetics!

Why You Should CONSIDER Christian Apologetics for Your Teen

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