Yucks and Yahoos of Homeschooling High School

Homeschool high school is wonderful…and sometimes not. Here are some yucks and yahoos of homeschooling high schooll.

Yucks and Yahoos of Homeschooling High School. What are the pros and cons of homeschooling high school? Here are some that we 7Sisters have found. #HomeschoolHighSchool #ProsAndConsOfHomeschool #YucksAndYahoosOfHomeschool #7SistersHomeschool

Yucks and Yahoos of homeschooling high school

There are lots of pros and cons of homeschooling high school. In 26 years of homeschooling 5 kids all the way through to graduation, we experienced a LOT of both categories. We had days when we laughed and learned together…and a few days I threatened to enroll one or the other of them in the public high school just around the corner.

We survived a lot together and with a little help from our homeschool friends, in the end, the yahoos outweighed the yucks! I’ll share some of our pros and cons of homeschooling high school.

Yahoos of homeschooling high school

We didn’t have to wake up early!

Well, except for co-op and group-classes days…I’m not a morning person and neither are my kids. Homeschooling was the best fit for us. Most days we started our educational process when we were ready, which was definitely not around dawn!

We did get good at getting to co-op and group classes on time. We loved both group settings. Want some good ideas for your homeschool co-op? Take a look at our comprehensive post: Authoritative Guide to Homeschool Co-ops.

An Authoritative Guide to Homeschool Co-ops for High School. Here's everything you need to know to get started with homeschool high school co-ops and enjoy the process!
Click image to read post.

7Sisters has lots of resources to help with homeschool high school co-ops, including freebies and group discounts on texts. Take a look.

Homeschool high school was an environment where learning was modeled and valued.

I remember being a young teen in a traditional school setting. I was often teased for loving to learn and study. I wanted something different for my teens; that’s one reason we homeschooled all the way through high school! Some ways I taught our teens to love learning is:

  • I read to them (and still do when they visit). Through the years, one of our favorite read-alouds is The Chronicles of Narnia. That’s why we needed to create high school level study guides- so our teens could interact with Narnia more as adults. The deep thinking and theology skills they learned in the guides have been great preparation for life after graduation.

The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides

We could pursue interests as part of the curriculum.

By the time they are teens, most kids have interests. Homeschooling high school gave us the opportunity to explore those interests and include them as Career Exploration electives for their homeschool transcripts. Homeschooling is so wonderful! We are not limited to the boring core curriculum (although they all need their Language Arts, Maths, Sciences, Social Studies, World Languages, Physical Education and Fine Arts). They can create the MOST INTERESTING electives that truly sparkle up the transcript…and make high school fun.

Video production was kid#4’s main interest. We started a homeschool cinematography club and took the teens to several film festivals. Kid#5 loves music and has had lessons in theory, voice, and several instruments. He also sang in several homeschool choirs and earned high school credit for playing on church worship team.

Here’s a practical list of Career Exploration electives.

If your homeschool high schoolers have no idea yet what their interests might be, a little Career Exploration will help. My teens loved the 7Sisters Career Exploration course.

Our homeschool high school education was individualized to our needs.

We were able to capitalize on their strengths by leveling-up (for instance, my kids did honors-level language arts and history). Leveling-up helped my homeschool high schoolers create college-attractive transcripts in a way that made the learning interesting and meaningful to them.

My homeschool high schoolers loved their World History course. It is 7Sisters History and Philosophy of the Western World. (Does that sound stuffy? It’s not! It is a user-friendly, light-hearted, no-busywork text that truly helps teens learn to think as they learn history.)

History and Philosophy of the Western World

My teens were also able to choose appropriate courses for weak areas so that their entire lives were not swallowed up in trying to slog through curriculum that was way over their heads (math was sometimes an average high school level course).

We were well prepared for college and life.

All my kids have now finished college and they say that they were highly prepared for college, both socially and academically because they learned to study independently, communicate well, and use good self-care and social skills.

Yucks of homeschooling high school

Homeschooling high school is not bed of roses…or maybe it is: there are a few thorns! Here are the cons of homeschooling high school.

Meeting people happened intentionally (“but that, in turn, makes friendships more meaningful”).

In a traditional school setting, meeting people is an every day (but forced) event. In homeschool high school, parents must find or create the environments that foster friendships. My kids participated in homeschool choirs, service groups, rhetoric leagues, cinematography clubs, and sports.

Some people  look down on us for being homeschooled.

My kids say that sometimes people are surprised that a young person who was educated at home could be articulate, knowledgeable, or intelligent. Oh well…

Overall, we loved homeschooling high school. The pros and cons were there but the pros won! What are some yucks and yahoos that your homeschooling high schoolers have shared?


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