Free Christian Apologetics Resources

Free Christian Apologetics Resources

Here they are – free Christian apologetics resources that 7Sisters Homeschool is thrilled to share with you from Dr. Gerald R. Culley and Good Answers Ministries.

No cost to you, now and always!

Dr. Culley has a ministry to young believers. Statistically, they are at risk: two-thirds of them will leave the church by age 20, largely because of secret doubts about the Bible. He offers a series of Youtube videos on how archaeology, history and science support our faith in Scripture.


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Free Christian Apologetics Resources

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For a bit of  Dr. Culley’s personal testimony, read on!

Robbed and Restored:

Darwin’s Attack on my Faith

Gerald R. Culley, PhD
Associate Professor of Greek and Latin Classics, Emeritus
University of Delaware, USA

Have you ever been robbed?

I have. I was robbed of my confidence in God by a thief called Darwinism; and for thirty years there was a hole in my heart where that confidence should have been. But in His grace, God gave it back to me.

I became a Christian in my early teens, and I was a model Christian. A leader in my youth group, then a seminary student, then a student preacher. I first met the thief who would steal my confidence when taking a history course at a local college.

As a term project, I read and critiqued Darwin’s Origin of Species. That project assured me that Darwinian evolution was badly flawed–poorly supported by the evidence and marred by contradictions. But the thief was now in the house, waiting for his chance.

It took him about ten years to rob me. In that period came two years in the army, graduate school, my doctorate in Greek and Latin, and my first teaching post, at the University of Delaware.

The atmosphere of the university is saturated by evolutionary thinking, and as I taught, almost without realizing it I came to accept the Darwinism that was all around me.

While still professing and practicing my faith, I began to believe that somehow or other God had used evolution to make life on our world. And that idea ate away at the roots of my faith.

Even as I served and taught as a lay leader in the church, doubts about the validity of Christianity and even about the existence of God hid in the shadows at the back of my mind. What an irony–the ideas of a man who had been dead for over a hundred years stole my confidence in God.

Then, in 1993, after 25 years of university teaching, I attended a seminar about evolution, creation, and the Bible. The things I heard there, together with the research I did over the next five years, opened a whole new chapter in my life. I saw that the claims of Darwinism could not stand serious scrutiny.

The latest and best evidence from the various sciences–biology, geology, astronomy–simply did not support the theory, but instead pointed to a Designer. And with this realization, the doubts that had haunted me melted away. I saw that science and faith speak with one voice, not two: God is not an option, but a necessity. He cannot be avoided.

The philosophical system called Darwinism left me troubled by doubts for most of my adult life, and kept me from a wholehearted commitment to Christ. Now those doubts are gone. Jesus is Lord, and there is no other.

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Free Christian Apologetics Resources