Homeschooling High School – As Easy As Pie? NOT! But You CAN Do It!

NOT! But homeschooling high school: You CAN do it! Your big sisters here at 7Sisters can help.

Homeschooling High School - As Easy As Pie

Homeschooling High School As Easy As Pie

Let Vicki Tillman share some wisdom with you about wisely planning for high school in your homeschool.

Homeschooling high school is NOT as easy as pie, but you can do it! When you decide to complete high school with your teens, you will find that these are the most rewarding years of all!

Help your teens find their:

  • Callings
  • Develop a transcript that prepares them for career and/or college

Start your homeschool high school journey with a FUN and resource-filled course just for PARENTS!

You’ll find out the answer to these burning questions:

  • Will my kid be able get into college?
  • How can I create a high school education that prepares them for the future?
  • What should I teach?
  • How should I teach it?
  • What’s are credits? Levels? Grades?
  • How can I create a transcript?

Excited for some REALISTIC, PRACTICAL instruction to help you take on homeschooling high school with confidence?

This 15 lesson self-paced online course for parents will give you a great start in your homeschool high school journey!

Online and ebook courses are unfortunately not available in the European Union.

Homeschooling High School – As Easy As Pie!

…or is that Pi?

Homeschool High School: You CAN Do It!

Listen to our podcast about Homeschooling High School Podcast: Newbie Moms: Nuts and Bolts for Starting One

Not sure you’re ready to take the course? Not sure you’re ready to REALLY consider homeschooling high school? Why not listen to this episode of The Homeschool High School Podcast with Vicki Tillman and Sabrina Justison for extra motivation to dive into the adventure of high school?

3 top reasons to homeschool high school.

5 Fabulous Ways to Have Fun With Homeschool High School 

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Homeschooling High School - Easy As Pie?

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Homeschooling High School – As Easy As Pie?

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