The Secret to REAL Time Management

Here’s: The Secret to REAL Time Management!

The Secret to REAL Time Management

The Secret to REAL Time Management

“So don’t make yourself crazy trying to get dinner figured out, or the grocery list made and the food bought.

And while the laundry always needs attention (if the kids aren’t going to run around the neighborhood naked). It’s not actually the end of the world if it’s not all caught up and folded.

Sure, most people you know in this society run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get it all done. But you are a child of God. Your Father is looking out for you. He knows what you and your family need, and He’ll make sure you are taken care of. The key is for you to keep your focus on what HE has on your agenda for any given day.

Take your marching orders from HIM, and the rest of the details will be covered.”
Matthew 6:31-33 (Sabrina’s Chatty Paraphrase)

Often times taking a moment to paraphrase scripture to my current situation helps my brain with a reality check. Because while its great to memorize and know God’s word, we also need the application to happen in our lives.

We need our attention drawn to the things that SHOULD be our focus. Otherwise those details get lost in the busyness of all the things that clamor for our attention day to day.

Intentionally focusing our attention on the God-designed priorities that often get lost in the shuffle, we give ourselves the opportunity to plan time for them before it is too late.

Reminding ourselves of our long-term goals for the year, we are giving ourselves the opportunity to work proactively instead of reacting when a crisis point arrives.

The Secret to REAL Time Management Began…

A year and a half-ago, I began actively seeking wisdom from God about how to put this truth into practical use.  The process of scheduling backwards is the result of that quest.

In short, scheduling backwards becomes a process of simple steps that when followed in one hour each month helps you to…

REMEMBER the big picture God has shown you for you, your family, and the world in which you live;

EVALUATE the activities that clamor for your time and energy;

PRIORITIZE those activities in light of God’s word and the dreams in your heart;

IMPLEMENT a wise plan of attack for the upcoming weeks.

Honestly, scheduling backwards has revolutionized my super-duper-busy life.  It hasn’t given me more hours in the day. But it has given me a tremendous awareness of what God is actually accomplishing in me.

Scheduling Backwards has removed much of the feeling that “I’ll never get it all done!” (Hey, I’m a mom!  I’d be lying if I said it had removed every single bit of that feeling!)

Would you set aside ONE HOUR PER MONTH if knowing it would reduce stress for the rest of the days on that page of the calendar?

That ONE HOUR PER MONTH opens your eyes and ears to the God-appointed opportunities presented to you each day would you find that hour?

Would you use that ONE HOUR PER MONTH to help move you tangibly toward the dreams that are firmly in your heart but seem a long way off right now?

That ONE HOUR PER MONTH would make you more efficient and effective every single day of the year could it become a priority to find?


If you need help finding that one hour then start with 10 Time Management Tips for Feeling Good about Your Day. 

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The Secret to REAL Time Management

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