3 Important Reasons Your Teens Need Apologetics

Here are 3 reasons your teens need apologetics.

Teens Need Apologetics

Teens Need Apologetics

Homeschooling teens are often raised in families where faith is the culture. This is important. Because we raise our children in a faith-filled atmosphere, we parents often assume that our high schoolers can explain WHY we believe what we believe, why it is relevant, and how it affects their lives.

However, homeschool graduates sometimes tell me that it has been difficult for them to explain their faith once they are out in *the real world*. They may know their Bible verses but sometimes they don’t understand how their faith can be understood within the context of culture, science and history. That makes for awkward college and workplace conversations.

Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations

Here are 3 reasons your teens need apologetics:

  1. A good apologetics course arms teens with ideas about their faith that are explainable to others.
  2. A good apologetics helps teens understand how the Christian faith is relevant to the body of knowledge about culture, science and history.
  3. A good apologetics course gives teens a deeper trust in the accuracy of the Bible.

What if you could give your homeschool high schoolers an INTERESTING apologetics course?

What if you could give them an apologetics course that they can understand without YOU needing to explain everything? (AND a course that makes for great family discussion?)

What if you could give them an apologetics course that requires NO prep time on your part? All your teens need to do is log hours for Carnegie credit.

What if a terrific course like that was FREE?!

Guess what? 7Sisters Homeschool offers Apologetics for absolutely no cost!

Our Apologetics curriculum is the gift of Dr. Gerald R. Culley of Good Answers Ministries. Dr. Culley (professor emeritus of Classics at the University of Delaware) has a passion for passing onto the next generation the importance of our faith through apologetics.

Dr. Culley has prepare a series of fascinating YouTube videos that deal with personal wrestling with ideas (common to teens), culture, science and history/archeology. He emphasizes that God and the Bible can be trusted. Teens need to know this!

Currently there are 23 presentations for your teens (and the family). Occasionally Dr. Culley adds another interesting presentation.

Topics include:

  • A Firm Foundation
  • Arguing with God
  • Ezekiel and Tyre
  • God vs Dagon
  • Joshua and Jericho
  • Making Life
  • Men Walking Like Trees
  • Solomon’s Seaport
  • The Flood
  • The Importance of Olive Pits
  • When Jesus Died
  • …and MORE!

7Sisters and Good Answers are providing this apologetics curriculum for the simple purpose of shoring up the faith and communication of the faith for our homeschool high schoolers.

Here is what our local homeschool high schoolers have to say about Good Answers Apologetics:

Download your apologetics course today!

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Teens Need Apologetics

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  1. This is fantastic!! I have heard Dr. Culley speak several times. He is amazing, and gives you a complete visual picture with his instruction that stays with you.
    Thank you! I had no idea he had a course with his teachings available!!

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