Homeschool Videos – Best Vloggers for 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards

Homeschool Videos! You chose your sisters as BEST Homeschool Vloggers for 2014 — WOW!!!!

Homeschool Videos

THANK YOU to all who voted!

We LOVE sharing homeschool encouragement with you, and it makes us so happy to learn that our vlogs (video-blogs) have been a blessing to so many homeschoolers.

If you haven’t seen the 7 Sisters Homeschool YouTube channel, pop on over for a visit!



The HSBA Post is a fantastic resource for homeschool information and encouragement.

Need some encouragement for your homeschooling day? Here are some fun and encouraging vlogs to get your started:

How about a video for you and your homeschool high schoolers about why they should study psychology?

Here’s a fun video about why ebook curriculum works well for homeschooling high schoolers.

Or simply binge watch them all right here.

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