Homeschool Videos – Best Vloggers for 2014 Homeschool Blog Awards

Homeschool Videos! You chose your sisters as BEST Homeschool Vloggers for 2014 — WOW!!!!

THANK YOU to all who voted!

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Homeschool Videos

We LOVE sharing homeschool encouragement with you, and it makes us so happy to learn that our vlogs (video-blogs) have been a blessing to so many homeschoolers.

After homeschooling side-by-side for over a decade, these moms had been a part of a flourishing umbrella school, a homeschool support network that operated effectively for 300+ families, college-model classes for high schoolers in a day-school format that achieved great popularity, and homeschooled graduates who stepped out as well-rounded, college-ready students and mature, workforce-ready men and women with trade skills.
In early 2010, these “Sisters” began to seek the Lord about a way to take their blessings – homeschool community, support and resources – and share them with homeschoolers everywhere.

If you haven’t seen the 7Sisters Homeschool YouTube channel, pop on over for a visit!

If you just want to listen then 7Sisters Homeschool has a weekly podcast!

Each Tuesday we publish a new podcast.

We have done over 200 episodes! I am sure we have covered your burning homeschool high school question. If not go ahead and send us an email and we will include your question in an upcoming episode. We love when we can encourage and equip other homeschool moms.

We have a favorite hashtag #JustLikeYouButOlder

If you want to connect with other homeschool moms you can join our 7Sisters Facebook Group! There is always a sister there who can help answer questions or listen to your story.


The HSBA Post is a fantastic resource for homeschool information and encouragement.

Need some encouragement for your homeschooling day? Here are some fun and encouraging vlogs to get your started:

How about a video for you and your homeschool high schoolers about why they should study psychology?

Here’s a fun video about why ebook curriculum works well for homeschooling high schoolers.

Or simply binge watch them all right here.

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