7Sisters’ High School Financial Literacy Curriculum


Once upon a time (as all good stories begin), Sara’s 3rd son was just a year away from completing high school and was just itching to stretch his wings and leave the nest! Sara wanted to be sure said son was equipped to handle his finances wisely and not fall into the pitfalls befalling many young people first venturing out on their own.

(Nothing worse than falling into a pitfall befalling others!)

So what did she do? She called her friend Maureen, another homeschool mom (and Sara’s 1st son’s Consumer Math/Financial Literacy teacher from years before).

High School Financial Literacy Curriculum


This, my friends, was the conception of what would become Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective – a truly unique, interactive, life-skill-building, rich and FUN etext for high school students. (It’s available in our ebookstore for $34.99.)

“Maureen,” Sara asked, “What curriculum did you use?”

(Isn’t it wonderful when homeschoolers help one another out?)

Maureen gave her info and as many pointers as she could. Then Sara embarked on her first year of teaching Consumer Math/Financial Literacy at her local homeschool day school. Sara’s third son (and numerous other students) graduated that year with a good foundation for facing the realities of financial decision-making in their lives.

But the story doesn’t end there!

The class continued on each year at our local homeschool umbrella school (click here to see what other cooperative classes we’ve taught with success in our local community), and Sara found herself modifying the curriculum in various ways.

– First, the curriculum wasn’t from a Christian perspective, and since handling financial matters is such a big part of life (and God says SO much about it!), Sara began supplementing the curriculum with Christian principles.

– Then, Sara noted that the curriculum her class was using sometimes only lightly covered topics which she believed would be more beneficial to teens if covered a bit more in depth. She sought out resources that would shore up these weak spots for her students.

The years passed (as they always seem to do), and Sara continued teaching Consumer Math/Financial Literacy, making improvements and corrections to the course each year. One day, Sara looked at her curriculum and realized that her ‘changes’ had evolved into a course of her own with an exclusive focus on Financial Literacy!

The topics are the same as those in most Financial Literacy courses, but the angle of approach is quite different.

– First, God’s perspective is considered in every topic, from setting up a budget to understanding the principles of insurance to paying taxes.

– Next, as a homeschooling mom herself who understands how important it is to parents to be able to share their values with their children, Sara included numerous assignments asking students to discuss with their parents financial topics which might not otherwise come up in day to day life.

– Finally, realizing that this generation of students will turn to the internet to have their financial questions answered, Sara’s curriculum utilized reputable sites to reinforce financial literacy topics. Articles, videos, and interactive sites provide varied activities throughout each chapter.

With a ‘hat tip’ to the painstaking work of 7 Sisters’ editing team and a grateful prayer of thanks to the Lord for His unfailing faithfulness, 7 Sisters is pleased to offer to you Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective.

(and we’ll all live financially-literate-ly ever after!)

What resources have you used thus far to help your teen become financially literate?

Free sample worksheet from 7sistershomeschool.com's high school financial literacy curriculum

Here’s a free taste of Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective – download “What’s the REAL Cost?” worksheet and answer key from the ebookstore as our gift to you!


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High School Financial Literacy Curriculum

Sabrina Justison

20+ year homeschool mom and curriculum developer for 7SistersHomeschool.com. Fred's wife. Writing, drama, music, blogs, kids, shoes, coffee, & books in varying orders on various days. He is God, He is good & He loves me.

11 Replies to “7Sisters’ High School Financial Literacy Curriculum”

  1. I’ve purchased the Financial Literacy course and am trying to figure out how to schedule this course for the year. I see there are 9 chapters. Could you please give me an idea of how long each chapter takes to complete? Just trying to determine whether we could make this fit into one semester, or if we need to spread it out over two. Thanks! 🙂

    • Hi Heather!
      The chapters vary in length, so it’s hard to answer how long each chapter will take to complete. However, the course is definitely designed to be used over a full academic year (9 months or so), and it would be a very demanding course to fit into one semester. I would plan for 2 semesters for sure!

    • Angie, That’s a good question. In our area, Financial Literacy is a Consumer Math course or a Social Science course. It is not usually considered an Economics, although Economics is often considered a Social Science course. If you have a supervising organization (like an umbrella school or charter school), they will have their own specific guidelines. You can check your teen colleges of interest to see what they require. Also, check your state graduation requirements.

  2. Yes, I am THAT Maureen…Congrats, Sara, and the rest of you sisters.

    I am now, and was back in the day, a BIG fan of reading personal finance books, newspaper columns, and blogs. Encourage your students to look for things in the news or pop culture items that relate to personal finance. Share your own stories and some financial decision-making processes. You don’t necessarily need to show them all your personal business 🙂 but maybe walk them through how/why you decided to/not to do something… replace the chipped windshield, purchase an extended warranty, ditch your land line, pay someone to paint the house, etc.

    I have had several former students and their parents tell me how thankful they were that they learned about financial literacy, especially when it came to sharing an apartment. It is amazing what you might expect your student to know that they really don’t until you teach them… or they make a big mistake and learn the hard way.

    It is really great if we can keep our kids from making those big mistakes. Sara’s course will definitely help you do that.

    • Yes, my dear sister, you are, indeed, THAT Maureen! And we love you lots!

      Thanks for giving Sara building blocks she needed back in the day, thanks for your wise words regarding financial literacy here, and thanks most of all for being a key piece of our kids’ growing-up and learning over the years.

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