Homeschooling Middle School is Awesome

Homeschool is the perfect way to educate middle schoolers.

Middle school is a time of self-discovery and accomplishment. Human development-wise, middle schoolers are developing skills (industriousness) and are beginning to form their identities.

Homeschooling middle school

Homeschooling Middle School

I was blessed to homeschool all my 5 kids through middle school (and beyond). They were wonderful years; let me tell you why:

1) They each had opportunities to develop industriousness

All 5 kids experimented with new skills and developed favorite talents. Each one tried different things: karate, guitar, baseball, soccer, flute, sketching, photography, etc.

One of the greatest blessings for my family came after it was necessary for me to begin working full-time. I was able to work evenings so that I could maintain my homeschooling.

However, when my youngest wanted to try baseball and soccer, I had no ability to get him to all those suppertime practices. It touched me more than words could say that my homeschooling friends took him under their wings and ferried him to practices with their own sons.

I will never forget the kindness of my friends and neither will he.

2) They each had an opportunity to develop deep, identity-forming friendships

These were the years that the kids’ friendships began to change. In elementary years, their friendships were made by simply being around each other (proximal play, as it were). In middle school, my kids began to seek out friends for sleepovers, hang-arounds, and special events.

They talked things over and came up with ideas. They listened to music together. They made silly-boy noises and sang silly songs while they rode together in the car. They became real friends.

The friends grew together to solidify their Christian faith, figure out clothing styles, enjoy music styles, and develop their own stories and inside jokes. (All of my grown kids are still friends with some of their best homeschool friends from middle school.)

(BTW- One of the blessings of homeschooling my kids in middle school was the absence of American culture’s pressure on kids to be prematurely in romances and experimenting sexually. They just have time to be developmentally appropriate, silly, fun kids with good, good friends.)

Homeschooling middle school was the best- best experiences, best friends, best support (for me).

What are your homeschooling middle school experiences?

Social Skills for Children
Social Skills for Children

These are the 10 social skills I taught my middle schoolers to equip them for friendship success.

Quick easy ideas and exercises to practice- conversation skills, joining a group skills, reading non-verbals and more!

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Homeschooling Middle School

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