Have Fun with Middle School Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure

Have fun with Middle School Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure!

Have Fun with Middle School Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure

Have Fun with Middle School Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure

Snow Treasure, by Marie McSwigan, is set in Norway during World War II. Faced with the stealthy Nazi invasion of their country, Peter’s father, the town banker, and his uncle Victor, a sea captain, are desperate to smuggle out nearly nine million dollars worth of gold bullion lest it fall into the hands of the enemy and be used against them. They hatch a plan to have the older school children carry the gold on their sleds right past the Nazi soldiers!

While my interest in this story was partially based on the fact that both my parents lived in Norway during the Nazi occupation, what child doesn’t’ like to read stories where children perform heroic deeds? Don’t we all have an inner desire to do something heroic – at least once in our lives?

In Snow Treasure, the children overcome their fears in order to serve their country. They persevere even when they are tired from the long journey. They obey the instructions of their elders even when they want to make an exception. Boys and girls work together for a common goal – and they succeed despite the obstacles they face!

Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure

The friendly, conversational-style instruction allows students to work as independently as they are comfortable.

This study guide includes:

  • Background information on this historical fiction story

    Literature Guide for Snow Treasure
    Click image for full description.
  • Vocabulary words from the book
  • Comprehension questions for each chapter (NO busywork, just 2 or 3 questions per chapter)
  • Summarization and plot skills development
  • Separate answer key for parent’s use
  • Suggested supplemental activities

Now, 7Sisters has a literature study guide for Snow Treasure!

This no-busywork, don’t-kill-the-book literature study guide is designed to enhance your middle schooler’s comprehension of the book. It includes a section on recognizing the basic elements of a plot. It also contains suggested supplemental activities to aid a student in understanding the setting of the story – a small town in Norway, north of the Arctic circle.

Click here for an excerpt of Snow Treasure.

Download your middle schooler’s copy of the Snow Treasure Literature Study Guide today!

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Introducing Middle School Literature Study Guide: Snow Treasure

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