APA Research Paper: Online Course $20 on Teachable

APA Style Research Paper Self-Paced Online Course

For high schoolers: APA Research Paper: Online Course $20 on Teachable.

Teens who love self-paced (asynchronous), online courses AND want the extra support of audio/visual presentation of the lessons will like this! APA Research Paper: Working through a First Paper on the Teachable platform goes through the workbook explanations in a simple way with simple examples.

This will help teens who enjoy multi-sensory learning in this simple online course. The material for each lesson is presented along with some written backup. Then teens turn to their APA Style Research Paper Guide and follow the daily homework assignments. (Download APA Style Research Paper Guide here.)

Because this is a no-frills course and we truly want research paper writing to be more accessible to teens, we are keeping the price as LOW as we can possibly do: $20 for this 10-week course!

About APA Research Paper, both the Writing Guide pdf and the Teachable course

APA Style Research Paper: An Introductory Writing Guide is a step-by-step, day-by-day, no-busywork writing guide for homeschool high schoolers. It helps teens learn how to choose topics, organize their research and their writing, use citations (APA style), write to a format and create a reference page.

It is time to try an APA-style research paper! This 7Sisters research paper curriculum for homeschool high schoolers, written with a conversational tone by Vicki Tillman, makes the APA paper manageable and fun.

Many homeschoolers will find that when they start college, their science and social science courses require writing in APA-style. It is a VERY different format from the fun and familiar MLA-style research paper. It can be overwhelming!

APA papers are different:

APA Style Research Paper Writing Guide
This guide accompanies the online course.
  • There is no thesis statement
  • Transitions are delivered by means of section titles and subtitles
  • No opinions are allowed from the author until the conclusion
  • And LOTS more

Good news! 7Sisters Introductory Guide to APA Research Paper Writing, a downloadable .pdf text, can help by guiding your homeschooler through a step-by-step process of learning how to handle the format and think like an APA-writer!

Practice examples are included so that your high schooler gains confidence when writing the paper.

Your homeschool high schoolers will enjoy their first research paper with these courses!

Hop over to Teachable to enroll in the self-paced, online APA Research Paper course.


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