The Drama Starts Here Workshop Handout

The Drama Starts Here Freebie from 7SistersHomeschool

Download the free handout Sabrina Justison distributes when she teaches her workshop “The Drama Starts Here!” for ideas on offering Drama opportunities to homeschoolers. Download this freebie to get your imagination fired up for a delightful drama experience.

Drama can inspire learning or re-invigorate a tired homeschool program because it:

  • Inspires creativity
  • Creates points of connection with educational materials
  • Offers a fresh way to respond to the ideas teens are learning
  • Helps grow attention spans
  • Can level the playing field for teaching multiple ages

Want more ideas as you start to think about creating a drama experience for your homeschool high schoolers or homeschool co-op?

Check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast on creating a fun drama camp.

Check out 7Sisters guides for learning how to direct drama productions:

Download this delightful The Drama Starts here, handouts from Sabrina’s popular workshop about including drama in your homeschool program.

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