Scriptures for Homeschoolers: The Proverb of the Ant

The Scriptures have encouragement for homeschoolers. Take the Proverb of the Ant, homeschool high schoolers can get some recalibration!

Parable of the Ant for Homeschoolers from

Scriptures for Homeschoolers: The Proverb of the Ant

Personalizing Scriptures is fun and edifying… And it can really pack a punch or bat on the back! Here is one of our favorite classic posts on Scriptures for homeschoolers: The Proverb of the Ant!

Proverbs 6:6-10

Go to the Diligent Homeschoolers, you Lazy Student!

Consider their ways, and be wise:

They have no need for their mom to nag them, or their co-op teacher to admonish them,

They read-ahead on their booklists during the summer

And get their research papers done long before review meetings.

How long will you sleep-in, O Sluggard? When will you get up and start your lessons?

Yet a little online-gaming, a little Instagramming, a little wearing out your fingers on the keyboard or toggles;

So shall poverty come seeking for you and loss of opportunity as an armed man.

Now that your high schoolers are edified by these The Proverb of the Aunt from Scriptures for Homeschoolers, you can help them invest wisely in their spiritual development.

7Sisters Homeschool has 2 resources that add depth to the transcript and to the soul.

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  2. Interactive Prayer Journals. Not your same-old prayer guides. Each journal includes 30activities to aid homeschool high schoolers (or parents) in engaging prayer in a fresh way.

Prayer Journal

Colossians 3:1-4 and 12 for homeschool moms.

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Scriptures for Homeschoolers: The Proverb of the Ant

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