The Search for the Solution – A Play That Works for Teen Actors

Sabrina’s thoughts on: The Search for the Solution – A Play That Works for Teen Actors.

The Search for the Solution - A Play That Works for Teen Actors

The Search for the Solution – A Play That Works for Teen Actors

Whether we like it or not, “reality shows” has captivated the American culture. A great way to create some onstage drama in your homeschool community or church group is to produce The Search for the Solution, a play about a whole different kind of reality show.

In 2006, I decided to take the idea of reality shows to a cerebral level, and imagined a show where contestants would prove their smarts by trying to solve a social and ethical problem presented to them.  Whatever conclusion they reached as the “ideal solution” would then be carried out in the situation of the man whose life they were now responsible for.

In 2013, I produced this play again in our local Homeschool Drama Camp (the ebookstore has a manual and DVD curriculum if you might like to offer a two-week summer intensive like I do each year). The audiences loved it both times!


Here’s a synopsis of the play, The Search for the Solution:

Welcome to the newest reality TV show! “The Search for the Solution” takes pairs of contestants
and presents them with a moral and ethical dilemma fraught with political implications. Each pair
may then use any means they choose to search for clues to the solution – expert advice, public
opinion, research, inside-information, etc. – and bring those clues back for evaluation by a panel of
judges. Is your information helpful or not helpful? Based on the results each pair produces, teams
are voted off the show as time goes on.

As the number of pairs grows smaller, the host reveals more complications, and solving the dilemma
seems overwhelming. Contestants still competing struggle to accept the solution and its impact on
them all.

If you’ve considered producing a play with your homeschool group and would like something really DIFFERENT from the run-of-the-mill Christian teen production, download a SAMPLE copy of The Search for the Solution and see if this might be a good fit for your actors.

The impact we experienced on our actors and our audience when we first produced this play in 2006 was profound.  The plot twist near the end truly sent up a gasp from our audience members….and there were very few dry eyes in the house as the final curtain came down.

Student actors want something meaty to perform; they are often insulted by fluffy, silly scripts that don’t challenge them deeply.  The Search for the Solution offers a meaty script that also requires NO SET or special costuming, lighting or props.  It’s cheap and easy to produce, and rewarding to direct and perform.

Need some advice on how to get started directing?  Download the FREE white paper Introduction to Directing, or investigate our teacher’s manual for A Successful Approach to Teaching Acting and Directing.

Drama is important; how are you including it in your homeschool?

The Search for the Solution – A Play That Works for Teen Actors

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  1. Having been a part of both times this play was performed, I can attest to it’s brilliance and the way it truly challenges both the cast and the audience.

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