A Prayer As You Begin The New Homeschool Year

Time for a new homeschool year!

Often we blogging moms talk about homeschool helps. But we know that the true homeschool help is the support and intervention we receive in Christ. How many times did you quote “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”?

So here is our prayer for God’s help in your homeschool year. May His blessings be on you and yours.

A Prayer As You Begin The New Homeschool Year

New Homeschool Year

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please bless my homeschool friends in this academic year.

Give them your skillful and Godly wisdom for days when math lessons don’t make sense.

Give them your strength when they are weak from hours of looking for that “lost” math book.

Give them your oil of joy over science experiments that worked- and for those that didn’t, give them that same joy to help them laugh.

Give them your humor and creativity to inspire their homeschoolers to write meaningful papers and silly stories.

Give them eyes to see the cool literature books that will guide their children’s lives.

Give them messy art and history projects that take over entire rooms and evoke fun and laughter!

Give them moments of wonder at your creation and times of overwhelming praise.

Break the bonds of “I have to be a super-homeschool mom” and help them see your grace in their lives for being “good enough”.

Please let this year be Your year for my homeschool friends.

In Christ’s name.


Prayer Journal 1

For a little creative prayer help, I’ve shared the prayer activities that I have been using in my personal life and teach to my homeschoolers. Prayer doesn’t need to be a stale or same-old experience. Take a look at our Prayer Journals.

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