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  1. Hi, I teach a course called ‘Writing with Structure and Style’ in a co op, and wish to take the kids through a story writing course during a term off from our normal (essay based) work. These kids are mostly competent essay writers aged 13 and 14. They have learned how to assess setting, characters, plot, climax and resolution. I suspect your high school book would be at the right level but I’m unsure. I do not want the kids to be bored. They are used to weekly assignments. We would only do one or two lessons a week. If I buy the download and its unsuitable will you refund my money? Will each student need to purchase the book? And do you have a different book you think we should begin with?

    • Good questions, Rachael. Sounds like a great class. They also sound like they have a good writing background. Here are some answers to your questions: 1) Our texts are guaranteed, so if you’re not happy with it, contact info@7SistersHomeschool and Sabrina will take care of that. 2) We have a special group rate for the books. Again, if you contact Sabrina, she’ll work that out for you. 3) For novice story writers, Family Narrative is the best place to start, but it sounds like your co-op students are already versed in the basics, so you can have a blast with a tall tale. Our texts are meant to be fun and inspiring, with no busywork. We are hoping that teens learn to enjoy writing so much that they do it voluntarily. Tall Tales is one way to do that!

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