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  1. Great curriculum!
    Question: I don’t see what time you allot to this semester course? I teach a once a week homeschool co-op and only have about 45 mins of teaching time given to me. How do you make this work over a semester (12-14 weeks)? I will also be teaching middle schoolers (7th & 8th grade). We will cover speech in the first semester, and I would like to do some improve and theatre skills in the second.
    Thanks for the advice.

    • Hi Kirsten!
      Good question. A lot depends on the number of students in your group. If each kid gets 5 minutes or so of “performance time” in a class meeting, you can make that work. If you have too many students for that, you can alternate, and half of the class will present their pieces each week, then take a week off. When I taught this locally, I typically had 20 students and a 2-hour class meeting…so if you have 8, a 45-minute class should be workable. More than that and you will likely need to alternate. Remember that the kids are learning a lot from watching each other’s performances and practicing good critique of what they see. You learn a LOT by watching your fellow students in addition to getting their feedback when you perform your own piece.

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