Excerpt from The Hobbit Study Guide

Excerpt from The Hobbit Study Guide

Excerpt from The Hobbit Study Guide

The following are pictures of the actual pages in the PDF download. If you have any further questions please contact us!

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Please note curriculum excerpts are intentionally sloppy copies to discourage copyright violations. Purchased curriculum displays crystal clear.

Excerpt from The Hobbit Study GuideExcerpt from The Hobbit Study Guide

Allison Thorp

2 Replies to “Excerpt from The Hobbit Study Guide”

  1. Hi Janet,
    7Sisters guides (including The Hobbit) are set up to be “levelable”. Which means that the way the guide is used can be adapted to various interest and ability levels. If your grandson needs help with many things, you will be working right with him step-by-step through this guide. This is good for remedial learners, as they get a solid academic experience, increase their inferential skills, critical thinking skills and research skills but do it with an “assistant”.
    The vocabulary is taken directly from the book (as in all our guides). The student researches the definitions and then uses them as much as their “assistants” see fit. Since you are homeschooling, you can choose what is best for him (as in omitting words that might be overwhelming to him). Here are a few of the words: Throng
    Ere Delves Audacious Estimable Prudent Remuneration Defrayed Requisite Cavalcade Purloined Homely Bogs Vexed Subterranean
    The guide is arranged with vocabulary and necessary background information, followed by questions from the story.
    Best wishes!

  2. “The Hobbit” My grandson is in 10th grade but needs help with many things. Is there a way to actually see parts of the study guide containing vocab, etc. before purchasing. I need to see…to know if he’d be able to handle the study guide . The above sample gives no indication of how the study guide is set up in regards to student participation.

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