Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller

This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller. This post is running concurrently on the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network.

Fun Financial Literacy - Interview With Mindy Muller

Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller

Are you looking for innovative ways to make financial literacy fun and engaging for teens? Our special guest, Mindy Muller from Wealthy and Rad, is a homeschool mom who turned the challenge of financial education into an exciting adventure! Discover how Mindy’s journey from public school frustrations to homeschooling triumphs paved the way for a vibrant, hands-on approach to teaching finance to high schoolers.

BTW- Some folks ask us about sharing info about curriculum from other publishers when 7Sisters provides our own version of Financial Literacy. That’s because we believe that homeschooling is a community. We do not compete, we life each other up. So we are excited to share our friend, Mindy’s Financial Literacy materials! (For an explanation of what Financial Literacy courses include, check out this Authoritative Guide post.)

About Mindy Muller

Mindy Muller, a mother of five, was frustrated with the overwhelming homework load and lack of meaningful learning in public school, like many homeschool moms today. And, like them, Mindy decided to take a stand. 

She researched the detrimental effects of excessive homework and communicated her findings to her children’s teachers. But while some teachers were supportive, others were resistant. 

One of the teachers even targeted Mindy and her kids when she refused to have her kids doing all the homework!  This led Mindy to consider homeschooling. And, inspired by a dream, she embraced the role of educator for her family, finding it to be a fulfilling and successful experience!

Her oldest was pulled out of public school and into homeschooling in her junior year of high school. Now, she works for a solar company.

Mindy’s triplets have graduated as well. One is a surgical technician, another one is climbing the corporate ladder for Jiffy Lube, and the third is still in a college.

And Mindy’s last daughter, she decided to re-attend public school, which is always somewhat of an internal struggle for us homeschool moms when or if our kids mention the desire to go to public school. As you can imagine, Mindy’s heart was heartbreaking because she enjoyed homeschooling her other four so much. 

However, her homeschool story may not be over just yet – her daughter is reconsidering returning to homeschool! Sometimes we have to live and learn, depending on our personalities. 

Every one of our homeschool stories is different – not a single one will ever be the same. And this holds true to every one of Mindy’s children’s educational experience.

Experimenting With Fun Financial Literacy Activities

Mindy’s passion for financial literacy was sparked when her husband was laid off in 2016. Observing her children’s spending habits, she realized the need for a more engaging financial education.

Teaming up with her business partner Kendra, they experienced creating a curriculum that made learning about finance fun and interactive. This is when Wealthy and Rad was born.

The approach to understanding financial literacy involves games and activities that bring financial concepts to life. These kinds of activities help ensure that teens not only understand but enjoy the learning process.

One standout activity is the Compound Interest Game, where teens use corn kernels to simulate earning and investing money. It’s hands-on games like these that help students grasp the power of compound interest in a fun and memorable way. 

Mindy says: Compound interest is remarkable. That’s how the average person becomes a millionaire, through compound interest.

Because poor health is a significant financial strain on the average budget, Mindy also created other activities that focus on investing in health and education. This allows students to use real money to make meaningful choices that impact their well-being and knowledge. 

These fun financial literacy activities are designed to be immersive, making financial literacy a dynamic and enjoyable subject.

Creating Wealth and Rad

Mindy felt like kids needed something that was a little more engaging for financial literacy. Through the successful use of the curriculum in their local commonwealth, Mindy and Kendra were inspired to share their curriculum with a wider audience. 

Wealthy and Rad now offers group and independent study options, complete with engaging materials and support for teachers. Their website features colorful, interactive content that makes financial education accessible and exciting for teens across the globe.

Fun Financial Literacy – Interview With Mindy Muller

Mindy Muller’s journey from public school struggles to homeschooling success is such an inspiration! Through the creation of their fun financial literacy curriculum, Wealth and Rad, financial literacy can be engaging for teens, transforming traditional teaching methods into exciting hands-on activities.

Their story is a testament to the impact of innovative education and the power of homeschooling to meet the unique needs of each family!

Connect with Mindy and Wealthy and Rad

Are you ready to make financial literacy a fun and engaging experience for your homeschooler? Visit Wealthy and Rad to explore their curriculum and discover how you can bring these exciting activities into your home. 

They have several different curriculums, such as for group study or independent study. 

You can also visit the Wealth and Rad Facebook page and join their Facebook community group, where  you can ask questions. 

You can also find them on Curriculum Square by searching Wealth and Rad on the website.

And remember, it’s not too late (or too early) to get a financial literacy curriculum on your kids’ schedule. 

Join Vicki and Mindy to discuss having fun with Financial Literacy.

Thank you for Seth Tillman for editing this podcast and for Richie Soares with Homeschool and Humor for writing this blog post!


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