Homeschool Mom – An Acrostic

Homeschool Mom- An Acrostic

Sometimes I just need to write acrostics.  Words make me happy, and playing with them in simple poetry is a good way to spend a few moments.  Here is my acrostic poem for Homeschool Moms today.

(An acrostic is a poem in which each line begins or ends with consecutive letters in the alphabet or in a word.  Look down the left side and you will see that the first letters of this acrostic spell out “Homeschool Mom.”)

Homeschool Mom An Acrostic

  • Hard-working woman
  • On the way to great things
  • Muddling through time-management
  • Eager to see if the Math we did yesterday actually stuck
  • Sagging a little around 2:00
  • Comprehending academics she never really got when she was a student
  • Happy to see that the living room stayed clean for more than an hour
  • Ornery from time to time
  • (Own it, ladies; you know it’s true)
  • Loving her children imperfectly, but passionately


  • Moving toward the goal one little step at a time
  • Only by the grace of God
  • Modeling what she knows will bless her kids.

Do you play with poetry, or does writing a verse never get beyond “Roses are red, violets are blue…”?

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Here’s a re-run of an acrostic I posted some time ago in case you’re in a poetic groove now:

  • Helping my child become what God has called him to be
  • On our home field
  • Maximizing his unique potential and
  • Equipping him to strengthen his weaknesses
  • Setting prayer in its proper place of importance
  • Creating an environment rich with resources
  • Helping others by learning in community with them
  • Observing what works and what doesn’t, and
  • Offering correction in the course before him
  • Loving this educational choice we’ve made.


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Sabrina Justison

20+ year homeschool mom and curriculum developer for Fred's wife. Writing, drama, music, blogs, kids, shoes, coffee, & books in varying orders on various days. He is God, He is good & He loves me.

3 Replies to “Homeschool Mom – An Acrostic”

  1. Homeschool assignment idea: have your student research a particular topic and write an acrostic to display what he/she has learned. My students will be doing Shakespeare acrostics this coming week.
    April is National Poetry Month…let’s all get our poet on!

    Co-op old-timers, do you remember our year of serious poetry? It went along with our Renaissance studies. I remember one of my kids writing a really great poem about the requirements for being considered “A Renaissance Man.” And I learned about the pantoum, a pattern poem.

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