7 Ways Human Development is Great Life Preparation


Human Development: great life preparation! Here’s why.

Human Development: Great Life Preparation

Human Development: Great Life Preparation

It is really a good idea to have some courses in homeschool high school be more than sheer academic exercises. It is nice when a course actually gives your teens some life preparation. That’s how 7Sisters Human Development course came about.

When I was a mom of 4 youngsters, I went back to school through Liberty University to earn my Masters Degree in Counseling. (I’ve been practicing now for more than 20 years now.) The course I found most useful for my own life was Human Development.

Human Development teaches the ways people grow and change from womb to old age: physically, cognitively, and social-emotionally.

I was so excited to discover the reasons for things that I was experiencing every day with my own kids:

  • What was going on in my 4 year-old’s brain when he thought the moon was following us
  • Why my 4th grader felt like he wasn’t good at anything
  • Why my 2 year-old always said “no”
  • Why my parents tended to tell the same stories each time we saw them

It gave me wisdom and patience in raising my children and love and understanding of those older than myself.

When my kids first hit high school, I wanted them know it, too: Human Development: great life preparation! In my opinion, they needed a high school Human Development credit for their homeschool transcript. The problem? I couldn’t find a text written from a Christian worldview.

So I wrote one for them that followed the syllabus for Human Development texts and because I wanted them to LIKE the course it was:

Over time, Human Development from a Christian Worldview has become popular with homeschool co-ops, group classes and Christian schools as well as independent homeschool families. Our latest edition is fully interactive so teens can type their answers right into the downloadable pdf. Tests and answer keys are included.

Human Development: Great Life Preparation

Here is why YOUR homeschool high schoolers should not leave home without Human Development. It will help them:

1) Understand self and others:

  • siblings
  • you
  • grandparents
  • church and community

2) Become a better babysitter or caregiver

3) Gain knowledge about how God made our human bodies to grow and change from womb to old age

4) Learn wisdom about how God made our minds to think at different stages of life

5) Obtain tools for personal development

6) Earn a USEFUL high school credit

Human Development

7) Show SPARKLE on the homeschool transcript
(Our umbrella school, Mt. Sophia Academy, gives our kids 1 credit in health, science elective or social science elective to students who complete the text and activities. The text is designed as an average high school credit but also contains activities and readings to increase the credit level to both College Prep and Honors.)

Download Human Development from a Christian Perspective today and also check out my Human Development Pinterest board and 7SistersHomeschool’s Pinterest board for some cool supplemental videos and articles.

Read how Stacey Lane used Human Development with her student for a fun credit.


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Human Development: Great Life Preparation

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