Homeschool Mom Shares: My Philosophy of Housekeeping

Homeschool Mom Shares: My Philosophy of Housekeeping!

My Philosophy of Housekeeping

Homeschool Mom Shares: My Philosophy of Housekeeping

My sister-in-law and her family were forced to live at my house for a few weeks one year while they were waiting for their new house to be ready. She said that she learned so much from me!

She summed up her Vicki-education in this phrase, “How to live with dust bunnies and enjoy it.”

My Philosophy of Housekeeping is that there is a continuum of housekeeping. On one end is:The house is so bad we need to call social services. On the other end is: OCD (think the tv show- Monk).…I live smack in the center.

  • My house is not filthy.
  • My house is most often cluttered.      My Philosophy of Housekeeping
  • I dust when it bothers me.

Here are the guidelines of housekeeping for my house:

  • Ongoing projects should be in zones no bigger than 3ft x 3ft.
  • No more than 2 ongoing projects per person, per room.
  • Ongoing reading may be placed wherever there is a flat surface.
  • No more than 2 ongoing-reading books per person, per room.
  • Only 1 laptop computer per chair or couch, unless attended by a human.
  • Only 1 musical instrument per chair or couch, unless attended by a human.
  • Junk mail goes directly to recycle trash, but bills may be placed in neat stacks by the fruit bowl in the kitchen.
  • The cats and their stuff own the house- work around them and allow them to sit on the human’s projects.
  • No more than 2 bookshelves per room unless it is the sunroom.
The Chronicles of Narnia Literature Guides
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This system would drive a neat-freak crazy, I know. But I’m not a neat-freak, I’m a project-freak, a book-freak, a homeschool-freak. I like my house and the hustle-bustle of it.

Once, the heater-maintenance guy came to do the annual check-upon the furnace. As he wove through the 4 bookshelves on our enclosed sun porch, he snarled, “You gotta get rid of some of them books!”

I thought to myself, “Nah..”

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Hey, I’m simply a low-key, real-life person. That’s one reason we 7Sisters started publishing curriculum: We wanted low-key, real-life/meaningful curriculum that teens and moms would think is da bomb!

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Homeschool Mom Shares: My Philosophy of Housekeeping

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