Financial Literacy Worksheet Sample – What is the REAL Cost?

What is the REAL Cost? Financial Literacy Worksheet Sample

What is the REAL Cost? Financial Literacy Worksheet Sample is a great way to get a taste of Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective!

You can download a sample interactive write-in .PDF worksheet from our very popular Financial Literacy curriculum.

We designed Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective to introduce teens to the world of personal finance through textbook instruction, online articles and videos, interactive exercises, and more! We encourage students to immediately apply some of the concepts they learn. Also, teens are introduced to other financial topics which will become a part of their lives in just a few short years.

We included God-honoring attitudes and practices in each chapter. Additionally, parents are given the opportunity to share their knowledge, experience, and tips on financial matters via numerous assignments throughout the book.

Why settle for Consumer Math when a Financial Literacy high school curriculum prepares your teen for LIFE?

This practical guide to understanding personal finance is easy to use, fun, and written at a college-prep level. We include instructions on how to tailor the course to any of these levels:

  • average high school
  • college prep
  • advanced or
  • honors.

Want the Answer Key? You can find that here to download for free as well. (You’re welcome!)

Many homeschooling families do 7Sisters Financial Literacy, Career Exploration and Apologetics. Did you know you can save a lot of money when you purchase  together in the Curriculum Bundle to Prepare for Independence?

Also, check out our post: Authoritative Guide to Financial Literacy and the freebie suggested syllabus and collected posts about Financial Literacy. View an excerpt of the Financial Literacy curriculum’s tests at this link. Also, here’s a link to an excerpt from the Financial Literacy Worksheet freebie.

While you’re at it, check out our Financial Literacy discussion on the Homeschool Highschool Podcast. You’ll be glad you did.

Things to know about our curriculum:

We want you to trust us. Therefore we guarantee our curriculum. We offer you a 10-day no questions asked, money back guarantee.

We designed our texts and study guides for students who prefer reading textbooks that aren’t dry as toast.

Curriculum should be adaptable.

Some homeschool high schoolers need rigorous Honors credit on their transcripts. Some high schoolers need solid College Prep levels for their courses. Others only need an Average level course.

Curriculum contain NO busywork.

Instead, it should inspire students to LOVE the course. 7Sisters texts and literature study guides don’t kill the topic.

Curriculum should prepare students for life.

Whether college or career bound, we believe texts should have a life-preparation view.

Curriculum should be affordable.

Our texts and study guides are all e-curriculum, which means they are downloadable. This saves printing and shipping costs and keeps the price down.

We believe faith is important. Therefore, we write our curriculum from a Christian worldview.

We integrate a Christian worldview into all of our curriculum- although it is never preachy

Our curriculum helps your students succeed.

Homeschool high schoolers have been using 7Sisters curriculum for almost 2 decades to build college-attractive transcripts.

What is the REAL Cost? Financial Literacy Worksheet Sample

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