Curriculum Bundle to Prepare for Independence: Career Exploration, Financial Literacy, Apologetics Bundle

Preparing for Independence high school curriculum bundle

Prep for Independence 2-2Curriculum Bundle to Prepare for Independence: Career Exploration, Financial Literacy, Apologetics Bundle saves money on popular courses from 7Sisters. Homeschool high schoolers must have a strong transcript but teens often feel like their solid transcript-driven core courses do not prepare them for real life.

Truly useful Preparation for Independence courses must teach teens to steward their:

  • Faith (How do they explain and defend what they believe?)
  • Finances (How do they manage finances now and prepare for the life ahead of them?)
  • Future (How do they know what they should do about their God-given callings and careers?)

You can find all THREE Preparing for Independence subjects included TODAY in our Preparing for Independence Bundle!

The Preparing for Independence Bundle includes:

  • Good Answers Apologetics (Links to these wonderful Youtube videos, plus a journal to digest and discuss what your homeschoolers have learned.)
  • Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective (Our marvelous, interactive, comprehensive course; along with journal exercises to incorporate what your homeschooler has learned)
  • Career Exploration Bundle (A comprehensive future-preparation program for high schoolers). (For more Career Exploration ideas for your homeschool high schoolers, check out this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast.)


  • Posts on Financial Literacy
  • Step-by-Step Instructions (syllabus) for completing all 3 courses

For the transcript:

  • Financial Literacy counts as the Consumer Math credit that many states require
  • Career Exploration counts as the Career Pathways credit that some states require or as a required elective
  • Apologetics is a rich elective that shows critical thinking training

Download Preparing for Independence today and set your homeschool high schooler on the road to a great stewardship of faith, finances and future!

This Bundle is delivered as 20 .pdf files conveniently “zipped” together for easy downloading.

Purchased individually, the resources in this bundle would be affordable at $55.98, but purchase them bundled and save an additional 10% —Preparing for Independence Bundle – just $49.99!

The 20 files included in the Preparing for Independence are:

  1. Step by Step through Preparing for Independence
  2. Preparing for Independence Journal
  3. 8 individual files for Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective
  4. Collected Blog Posts on Financial Literacy
  5. Career Exploration Questionnaire
  6. Career Exploration Workbook
  7. Career Exploration in the Bible
  8. Step by Step through Career Exploration
  9. Collected Blog Posts on Career Exploration
  10. Writing Your Personal Mission Statement
  11. Experiential Resume Writing
  12. Successful Cover Letters
  13. Introductory Interview Skills for Teens

PLUS links to all of the Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Youtube Videos by Dr. Gerald R. Culley!

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