Tips for a Successful Homeschool High School Semester Review

Here are tips for a successful homeschool high school semester review.

Tips for a Successful Homeschool High School Semester Review

Tips for a Successful Homeschool High School Semester Review

It’s nearing the end of the semester! For many of us this means that in 2 months we’ll be packing up our homeschooled student and all his academic stuff to meet with his reviewer.

My family has had a number of different reviewers over the years. Some were SCARY (thus the Halloween-Day post). Some were kind and supportive. No matter which type it is, my kids always feel nervous.

So to calm the nerves, here are some tips to prepare for a successful semester review:

Put together a neat, organized portfolio with dividers for each subject.

For courses using textbooks, include:

  • all tests and quizzes
  • sample questions pages for each chapter
  • reports or other related work
  • put name and date on each paper (reviewers tend to approve heartily)
  • include a page for each subject with the averages for homework assignments, papers, quizzes, and tests

Include a Reading List

Include all papers written and all projects completed (may be documented with photos)

Include documentation of instruction/experience in non-textbook courses

Include report cards, evaluation forms, or transcripts from courses taken at colleges or other school settings

Include lists of digital, tv, or movie instruction

  • include dates and time spent

Add documentation of field trips

  • brochures, photos, forms from interactive activities along with dates, times, and locations

Include documentation of extracurriculars

  • certificates, photos, schedules
  • don’t forget sports, music lessons, church groups, clubs, charitable work

Add materials from competitions

  • awards won, presentations, photos, judging forms (even if no award was received)

Add DVD’s of computer projects

Last of all, remind your homeschooler what a great job he’s done. Tell him to smile. Prepare him by asking a few questions a reviewer might ask:

  • “What is your favorite subject this year?”
  • “What is the best book you’ve read this year?”
  • “What has been difficult this year in your homeschool?”
  • “What are you proud of?”
  • “What is something you’ve learned?”

Now, Mom, YOU look confident. Speak well of your homeschooler. Emphasize his strengths and point out something the Lord has done in his life.

Question: How do you prepare for your semester reviews?


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Tips for a Successful Homeschool High School Semester Review

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