Using YouTube Videos in High School Homeschool

Using youtube videos in high school homeschool provides a great resource for homeschooling in high school.

Here are some ideas for making good use of it.

using youtube videos in high school homeschool

 Using YouTube Videos in High School Homeschool

– Search for videos on a subject, then create a playlist. (Here’s a playlist I created for my son when we were studying U.S. Courts as a Social Studies elective.) Have your teen watch the videos on your playlist independently and create response-based writing or project work from them.


– Create a playlist of videos and watch them with your child. Discuss as you go. Being able to pause and talk makes for great discussions!


– Create a playlist of videos and assemble a group of teens to watch together and discuss. Perhaps have them prepare a group project in response to what they watched and learned afterward.


– Look for dramatic performances of plays or books that you read for Literature. Add watching the video and evaluating the effectiveness of that adaptation (either in writing or just in discussion) to your reading of the book. My kids and I watched A Raisin in the Sun after we read it last year in American Lit.


– Look for news coverage of events you are studying in History or other subjects. For example, when my Literature students in homeschool co-op read Cry, the Beloved Country about apartheid in South Africa, I then had them watch news footage of Nelson Mandela’s release from prison and we discussed the eventual demise of the apartheid system in that country.


– Find interviews with people who are responsible for some of the great scientific discoveries you learn about. Putting faces to names and theories and ideas helps some teens really cement the learning process.

Can you share ways you’ve found to use YouTube videos in your high school homeschool?

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Using YouTube Videos in High School Homeschool

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