Introducing: 2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology

Good news! Introducing: 2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology!

Introduction to Psychology

Introducing: 2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology

7Sisters’ Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective is one of our most popular texts. Teens often tell us that it is one of their favorite courses!

SOON our long-awaited updated version of Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective will be LIVE.

So, what’s new in the 2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective?

There are big, important updates:

  • The terminology and teaching are all updated to align with DSM-5
    • The DSM-5 is the diagnostic manual used by all psychologists and counselors. The concepts in the updated DSM-5 manual are distinctly different for some diagnoses, such as autism spectrum. The updated concepts are more accurate due to more research availability (and in my opinion, more gracious than past DSMs.)
  • New chapter covering research, statistics and critical thinking
    • Research and statistics can sound boring, but this information (along with critical thinking skills) is important in this day of social media “fake news”. Our homeschool high schoolers need the skills to discern accuracy of information and research that they read about online.
  • Updates to crisis intervention chapter including self-care helps
    • This chapter has been moved from the end of the book to following the chapter on Abnormal Psychology. This was the suggestion of some teens who were working through the text. They wanted the skills in this chapter earlier than the end of the book. They also wanted skills, not only for helping a friend in crisis but also for maintaining their own emotional self-care. At their request, this chapter is completely updated.
  • Added discussion on personality tests (including some current informal tests)
    • Teens love personality tests, so we discuss how to tell a “real test” from an informal or “fun” test. Along with some suggestions.
  • Updated chapter questions, tests, and answer keys
    • Our homeschool graduates who are attending college, made suggestions on the kinds of questions they see on tests. We updated the test formats to better prepare teens for college while maintaining the friendly test questions.

Good stuff that stayed the same:

  • Same no-busywork format
  • Same readability and not-stuffy attitude, so that teens can “like Psych
  • Same adaptability for different levels and student goals through meaningful additional exercises so that teens can earn an average-level credit or an honors-level credit
  • Same Christian perspective without being preachy

Introduction to Psychology, 2020 Edition Chapter Titles

  • Chapter One: The Brain and How it Works
  • Chapter Two: Perception
  • Chapter Three: Genetics
  • Chapter Four: Learning
  • Chapter Five: History of Psychology, Ancient to Pre-Modern Times
  • Chapter Six: Psychology into Modern Times
  • Chapter Seven: Communication
  • Chapter Eight: Needs and Motivation
  • Chapter Nine: Looking at Personality & Theory
  • Chapter Ten: Sleep & Dreams
  • Chapter Eleven: Abnormal Psychology
  • Chapter Twelve: Crisis Intervention
  • Chapter Thirteen: Psychological Testing
  • Chapter Fourteen: Christian Counseling
  • Chapter Fifteen: Understanding Research and Statistics
  • Chapter Sixteen: Careers in Psychology

Why would a teen take high school psychology? There are several reasons:

Download a copy of Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective: 2020 edition!

Note: This text can be used to accompany our online, self-paced Psychology course.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective Online Course
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2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology

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7 Replies to “Introducing: 2020 Edition of Introduction to Psychology”

  1. Hi I want to buy a copy of introduction to Psychology to see if it fits in with our school curriculum for my yr 11 and /or year 12 classes in Perth Western Australia. I made a profile but I can’t find prices and how to process the payment with PayPal. I would appreciate your help.

  2. Hi, we too are loving this Psychology course. About to finish chapter 1. One of my boys who already graduated just came home with another concussion (ice hockey) and the kids who doing this course are saying with excitement we just learned about this. Talk about learning in action!
    Like Webb, I’m having trouble locating the answer keys. Maybe I missed them in the downloads. I downloaded the Psychology 2020 test, Psychology 2020 text, & Intro to Psychology 2020 lesson plans (super helpful!). Can you send them to me again?Thanks!

  3. Good afternoon,

    I love your material and am thoroughly enjoying a Christian perspective on Psychology. I am struggling to locate the answer keys to quizzes and tests. Will you help me please?

    Thank you,
    Webb Barnes

    • Hi Webb, you might have missed downloading them when you downloaded the text. They are in separate downloads, so the student can have the text and parents hold the other. Check your email, I’ll send you a copy of both.

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