Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective

Why do you need Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective curriculum for high school?

Homeschoolers benefit from studying a fun high school Psychology course. Psychology is one of those rare courses that are both:

  • Practical for building real-life skills (for career-bound teens OR college-prep teens)
  • AND practical for building a college-attractive transcript

What are some of benefits of a high school Psychology course?

  • Whether career-bound or college-bound, homeschool high schoolers benefit from increasing their understanding of God’s wonderful creation of our mind and personality.
  • They learn some helpful life skills, like the importance of sleep and ways to help a hurting friend.
  • Psychology is a Social Science. Social Science courses help create the well-rounded transcript colleges seek. Some colleges even require .5 credit of a Social Science on the high school transcript.
  • Many college majors require Psychology. It is good to have a Christian foundation in psychology particularly before experiencing it at college (perhaps secular) level.

7Sisters Homeschool Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective is different from many high school Psychology courses.

Many high school texts are wordy, serious and often aimed only at the AP-prep students. While those Psychology courses are fine for some students, many teens are turned off by that format. Because of that, parents tell us that would be great to have a Psychology text that is:

  • Interesting

    • We know that boring texts make learning difficult, so we created Psych to be a text teens like!
  • Short lessons written so that an average (non-college-bound) teen can read and enjoy

    • The text is written in a light-hearted manner, at an average-level vocabulary.
  • Includes meaningful, individualized activities that college-prep, advanced and honors students can use to build a rigorous credit that sparkles the transcript

    • College-bound teens tell us they LOVE having the opportunity for creating their own powerful credit from the suggested activities list for each chapter.
  • Includes test bank with answer key

    • Parents tell us they love this!

That’s just what homeschool high schoolers find when they choose 7Sisters Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective.

Vicki Tillman MA (a homeschooling mom and practicing licensed professional counselor), wrote this fun and no-busywork text from a Christian worldview. Thus students can appreciate God’s handiwork and also be prepared for career or college settings.

7Sisters’ Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective is a .5 credit, average high school level course.

  • It comes with instructions and activities for creating a full credit and high powered college-prep, advanced and honors credit for the homeschool transcript.

When you download this PDF text you will find chapters on:

  • The Brain and How it Works
  • Perception
  • Genetics
  • Learning
  • History of Psychology (Ancient to Pre-modern Times )
  • History of Psychology into Modern Times
  • Communication
  • Needs and Motivation
  • Looking at Personality & Theory
  • Sleep & Dreams
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Psychological Testing
  • Christian Counseling
  • Understanding Research & Statistics
  • Careers in Psychology

This attractive etext includes:

  • new words and key concepts in sidebars
  • comprehension questions for each chapter
  • tests
  • answer key
  • instructions on how to make the course ½ credit average high school level, 1 full credit average high school level, or ½ credit college prep, advanced or honors levels

This user-friendly Psychology high school curriculum may be completed by a homeschooling high schooler with or without parental support. It is also often used in homeschool group classes. Contact us for co-op discounts.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective: don’t let your homeschooler graduate without it!

You will receive 3 downloads:

  • Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective text
  • Also Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective homework & tests Answer Key
  • Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective tests

The text should be given to the student. The tests should be given to the student as he/she completes the appropriate chapter(s). The Answer Key is for the parent.

Click here to view an excerpt from Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective.

For teens who want to use a syllabus and course description, click the following links:

Note: This text can be used to accompany our online, self-paced Psychology course.

Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective Online Course
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What are homeschooling parents saying about Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective?

“As a psychology minor myself, I was looking for a course that allowed my daughter to think for herself, but would give her guidance.  This course did exactly that.  Since taking the course, she has had the opportunity to talk with a psychology professor (from a secular world view) on several occasions.  The professor is impressed with how well she articulates her thoughts and how well she understands basic psychology.” – A. Cook

“Just taking a minute to let you know I have enjoyed using your Intro to Psychology course in our homeschool co-op this past semester.  The content was excellent, and the material was laid out in a very user friendly format; both student and teacher editions.  The cost was very affordable for the students. I will certainly be returning for additional courses.” – Betty H.

“My daughter and I just finished the Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective curriculum and we enjoyed it very much. Thank you for all that you do in providing curriculum for our students!” – Stephanie B.

“I appreciate the thought that has gone into the creation of this curriculum. This curriculum helps me to provide this experience in a manner that reflects my beliefs. A dry sponge absorbs a lot. A wet sponge cannot absorb much at all.  Introduction to Psychology from a Christian Perspective enables me to ‘fill the sponge’ before my children encounter psychology courses in college. I have also enjoyed the conversations that have arisen from the enrichment activities. To date, two of our children have taken the course.” – D. Harper

“A BIG thanks to you and the sisters for creating a psychology curriculum that is accessible to the kids in both understandability and in cost. 
As the teacher it’s a been a HUGE time-saver to look over the lesson plan links and decide which ones to use or to expand on with the kids. It’s a wonderful tool that’s made leading the class a real joy. Next week we dive into sensory and perception activities- so cool!” – D.G.
“Finding the course was a real answer to prayer.”- B.D.

Click here for a review by Annie Kate at Tea Time with Annie Kate.

Click here for a review in video format from Peggy Ployhar at SPED Homeschool.

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