3 Things Done RIGHT in Our High School Homeschool


Kid #5 is all graduated from homeschool high school!

3 Things We Did Right in Homeschooling High School

3 Things Done Right in High School Homeschool

Wait, I didn’t have nearly enough time to teach him all the things I wanted to cover! He needs to learn more hermeneutics, more piano, more ornithology, more types of poetry…oh, my…

On the other hand, there are bunches of things that we did right in homeschooling high school. Here are 3 of them:

1) We participated in homeschool co-ops and homeschool high school group classes.

Some of my son’s favorite classes were his literature classes with sister, Sabrina. She built on the lessons from her user-friendly, no busywork literature guides, such as:

Joni an unforgettable story

Animal Farm Literature Guide

A Christmas Carol Literature Study Guide

My son liked the fact that he did not need to be bogged down for hours filling out a boring study guide. He liked Sabrina’s important background material, vocabulary, comprehension and inference questions AND activities to level-up (he often aimed for honors- his umbrella school’s highest level of coursework.

2) We learned to use technology in many homeschool high school courses.

He could keep textbooks saved on his desktop. He could read what he needed, then print up questions and tests, such as in:

Human Development


introduction to psychology


3. We learned to understand causes.

When my oldest kids were young, homeschooling itself was a cause. In those days, homeschooling wasn’t legal in every state. It was necessary to join Homeschool Legal Defense as “insurance”. (We still are members of HSLDA because freedom requires eternal vigilance.)

Over the years, we added other causes: citizenship, investment and service to Urban Promise, praying for and supporting missionaries and orphans, volunteering at church.

We inspired involvement in causes through discussion, role modeling,  and by reading about great cause-oriented people (especially in Sabrina’s lit classes): Brother Andrew in God’s Smuggler,

God's Smugglers Literature Study Guide

Corrie ten Boom in The Hiding Place,

The Hiding Place

Mother Teresa in Something Beautiful for God,

Literature Study Guide for Something Beautiful for God

and Chuck Colson in Born Again.

Born Again

Ahhh, I’m just getting started!

It’s important to celebrate the successes, isn’t it?

Here’s Sabrina’s vlog about doing something ELSE right in High School Homeschool: picking the right literature.



3 Things Done Right in Homeschool High School

3 Things Done Right in High School Homeschool





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