Financial Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers

Here are 3 ways to develop financial skills for homeschool high schoolers.

Financial Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers

Financial Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers

Just like anybody, your homeschool high schoolers need to be skilled in financial literacy. If they are well prepared to handle money and financial responsibilities, they won’t be as prone to falling into the errors of the past generations.

Here are 3 ways to develop those necessary financial skills for your homeschool high schoolers:

  • Talk about money with your teens. Make financial discussions as great a priority as the discussions you’ve had with them about safe driving and healthy relationships.
  • Model healthy financial management. Include them on family budget discussions, shopping, and financial goal setting.
  • Provide homeschool high schoolers with an engaging, interactive, Biblical-perspective Financial Literacy curriculum for their high school transcript Consumer Math credit.

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7Sisters’ Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective helps you and your homeschooler hit each of those goals.
Designed to be truly interactive, this curriculum includes online assignments and family discussions as well as solid life-preparation skills. (My son found it to be one of his most useful high school courses.)

Here are the topics covered in our Financial Literacy course:

  • Money – The Basics
  • Setting Financial Goals
    • How Values Affect Goals
    • S.M.A.R.T Goals
    • Financial Strategy for Achieving Goals
  • Budgeting
    • Limited Resources
    • The Budget – Freedom within Safe Bounds
    • Income and Expenses
    • Keeping Your Spending on Track with Your Budget
  • Saving and Investing
    • The Time Value of Money
    • Simple and Compound Interest
    • Investments: Risks and Rewards
  • Credit
    • Revolving and Installment Loans
    • Benefits and Risks of Credit
    • Amortizing Loans
    • Your Credit Report and Credit Score
    • Debt
  • Financial Institutions and the Services They Provide
    • Banks and Credit Unions
    • Checks
    • Debit Cards
    • Bank Statements & Balancing Your Checkbook
    • Identity Theft
  • Insurance
    • Automobile Insurance
    • Health Insurance
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
    • Renter’s/Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Your Career
    • Help for Choosing Your Career
    • Education and Career Opportunities
    • Payroll Deductions and Employee Benefits
  • Taxes
    • Record Keeping
    • Three Federal Income Tax Forms
    • Tax Returns: Experience with Each Form

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Here are links to some FREEBIES to give you a taste of the useful activities in 7Sisters Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective.

Download the FREEBIES and Financial Literacy from a Christian Perspective and give your teen a great financial start!

AND listen in on this episode of Homeschool Highschool Podcast where we discuss several ways to approach Financial Literacy with teens. Also, find tips in a post Vicki contributed to Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network about planning for success with your homeschool high schooler.

Financial Skills for Homeschool High Schoolers

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