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The Secret to REAL Time Management 7SistersHomeschool.com

The Secret to REAL Time Management

“So don’t make yourself crazy trying to get dinner figured out, or the grocery list made and the food bought. And while the laundry has to get done (if the kids aren’t going to run around the neighborhood naked), it’s not actually the end of the world if it’s not all caught up and folded….”
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Sabrina Justison

Sabrina is the “bling” for the 7 Sisters. Everyone can see her flair for the dramatic, passion for music, fashion sense, and love of shoes, but get to know the Sabrina beyond the public persona, and you will find that she has a deep love for the Lord, the ability to get to the heart of an organization, and the perseverance to keep on pluggin’ until a task is finished.
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