3 Reasons Why It’s the MOST Important: Career Exploration High School Credit

Career Exploration is the most important high school credit for your homeschooler.

career exploration high school credit

Career Exploration High School Credit

Even more important than the core courses needed for graduation?


Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and World Languages are all necessary to get your teens their diplomas. HOWEVER, a diploma doesn’t do them much good if they have NO IDEA what to do with it. That’s why Career Exploration is SO important.

Here are 3 reasons homeschooling high schoolers seriously need a solid Career Exploration experience:

1) Career Exploration is important because it helps teens steward themselves.

God created each child with unique gifts and abilities. He also gave them tasks to accomplish at each stage of life. The task of adolescence task is to discover and develop these gifts- which is sometimes rather difficult. (Human Development explains how this works.) Many teens have a hard time believing that there is anything special about them, so without a course that guides them through the process of discovery, they may get stuck doing nothing and feeling frustrated.

On the other hand, as they explore work through a comprehensive Career Exploration curriculum and look at different areas of interests and talents, they begin to get excited. They begin to understand God’s work in their lives. AND they begin to begin to find motivation to develop their God-given gifts and talents. That’s good stewardship.

2) Career Exploration is important because it helps homeschool high schoolers to know where to put their efforts: prepare for college or not?

For instance, if a teen has worked through a comprehensive Career Exploration curriculum and truly admits that he LOVES working with his hands but DESPISES textbooks with every fiber of his being, perhaps he is called to train for a trade rather than be miserable for a lifetime with a college degree that steals him away from his God-given gifts. What if your teen is a reluctant learner? Check out these strategies for ways to help a reluctant learner be successful in high school.

If a teen reports that he wants to be an engineer, but struggles with Algebra II and Geometry, perhaps God has a different vocation in mind. A solid Career Exploration course will help him explore and discover his gifts and the college major that fits those gifts.

3) Also IMPORTANT: Career Exploration helps YOU!

Why would you dump thousands of dollars into a college education for your teens if they have no idea what they really should be doing? It is a better idea to invest some solid high school time into a great high school Career Exploration course and not lose time and money on a shot in the dark.

To help your teens with their comprehensive Career Exploration course, 7Sisters is proud to announce the release of the Career Exploration Bundle ! This program guides you and your teen step by step through the Career Exploration process.

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Career Exploration High School Credit

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