FREE Awesome, Attention-Sustaining, Accessible Apologetics Course

Here is a FREE awesome, attention-sustaining, accessible Apologetics course!

FREE Awesome, Attention-Sustaining, Accessible Apologetics Course

FREE Awesome, Attention-Sustaining, Accessible Apologetics Course

Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations

One of our teens’ favorite courses has been 7Sisters’ Apologetics course. We Sisters knew our homeschool high schoolers needed a good Apologetics course. It is important to understand the gospel message and to be able to defend it.

There was a problem: MOST Apologetics curriculum was dry as toast and not likely to accomplish the mission of an Apologetic course (bored teens don’t feel like defending anything).

Fortunately for us, one of the 7Sisters grandfathers stepped in. Dr. Gerald R. Culley is the father of 7Sisters Allison and Sabrina. He is also the professor emeritus of Classics at the University of Delaware.

Dr. Culley had long been sharing Apologetics presentations at churches and Christian schools. He decided to take his presentation to his grandkids’ homeschool community, so he prepared YouTube videos that have been very popular locally AND as downloads from 7Sisters and his own Good Answers Ministries.

Star of Bethlehem – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation

Here’s what is so wonderful about this Apologetics course:

*It’s FREE!! Dr. Culley wanted all teens and families to have a chance to learn Apologetics. He said he doesn’t need anything from the course except the satisfaction of serving the community.

*It’s NO-PREP!! No books to buy, no lesson plans to create. Just download lecture notes and watch the YouTube videos. Dr. Culley does all the work.

*Parents don’t need to have a background in Apologetics!! Join your teens and enjoy these delightful, interesting videos.

Solomon s Splendor – A Good Answers Apologetics Presentation

*It is relevant! Each of the lessons covers Apologetics from a different framework. Some lessons cover tough topics that teens are often thinking about. For instance, one lesson is called: Arguing with God.

*It is fascinatingly historical. Some of the lessons cover important historical evidence for the Bible. For instance: Tel Dan Stele and Looking for the Exodus.

*It is interestingly scientific. Some of the lessons cover amazing scientific topics like: Making Life.

*It is useful. Teens learn ways to present Biblical information in meaningful ways by listening to Dr. Culley’s well-researched lessons.

Good Answers Ministries Apologetics Presentations

*Teens love it! My youngest son included it as one of his favorite courses in high school.

*New lessons come out periodically! There are 28 lessons currently in 7Sisters’ ebookstore, including 3 new titles: Star of Bethlehem, Solomon’s Splendor, Red Letter Endorsements.

Download your FREE lessons today!

Here are some local teens and Dr. Culley discussing his Apologetics course.
Good Answers Ministries  youtube channel


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FREE Awesome, Attention-Sustaining, Accessible Apologetics Course


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