Homeschool High School Drama Credit, 5 Reasons To Do It

Your homeschool high schooler needs a drama credit!  Homeschool graduate, Ezra Tillman, talks about drama and homeschooling.

homeschool high school drama credit

Homeschool High School Drama Credit

This weekend 7Sister Sabrina is holding her annual drama camp presentation. It is an original play called “Ferguson Figures It Out”. As always, the homeschool high schoolers in the camp are earning drama credit for their transcripts AND reporting that these 2 weeks are some of the most meaningful weeks of their lives.

If you have a teen, he/she could really benefit from a homeschool high school drama credit. My son, Ezra, is a college graduate now but he reports that he NEEDED those drama credits- for his personal growth and development.

Here is Ezra’s op-ed about why your teen needs a homeschool high school drama credit:

Let’s face it, drama is useless for homeschoolers. In fact it’s worse than useless; it’s a waste of time!

Now those statements may cause you to cringe or they may arouse an amen!

homeschool high school drama credit
Photo used by permission. Owned by Sabrina Justison.

Well, I guess the real question is what is useful?

I’ll tell you one thing; I don’t remember 90% of the content I was taught in high school (if I’m being generous).

What I do remember are the skills and principles that were instilled in me either explicitly or implicitly from my teachers or the work they had me do.

“Well, that’s all fine and dandy,” you may say, “but what’s that got to do with drama?”  Well, simmer down and I’ll tell you!

Drama teaches you skills and principles out the wazoo.

If you are in a play:                                                                                    

  1. You learn teamwork and social skills- such as helping fellow actors out when they forget a line; and  cooperating with others to get the best performance
  2. You learn to be disciplined- such as memorizing difficult lines and practicing self-control because you can’t just go bouncing around all over the stage- you can only do what is appropriate for the scene
  3. You learn patience-  a lot of the times, you aren’t on the stage or the director may need to rehearse a certain scene with you over and over because you aren’t doing what the scene requires
  4. You learn humility-  such as realizing that you aren’t the right person for the lead role and that you need to sacrifice your pride to achieve a final result that is bigger than yourself
  5. You can grow spiritually-   A director is in a powerful position to encourage students to think bigger than themselves and realize that ultimately the play and life are in God’s hands. We students learn that everything we do, whether we eat or drink or do drama, should be done to the glory of God. Some of the times I have felt closest to God and my brothers and sisters who were with me were during Mrs. Justison’s Drama Camps.Drama Camp Curriculum

Now, in order for any of the things I mentioned to happen a student must be willing to learn and participate; and a teacher or director must be intentional. If well done the skills and principles students learn through drama can serve them very well throughout their lives.

Take a look at Sabrina’s exciting drama how-to’s, scripts, and freebies.

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Homeschool high school drama credit

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  1. Hello I was wondering what my granddaughter would need in order to get a drama credit. She is in a community play that will have 6 shows the end of September. She goes to rehearsals 3 days a week for a minimum of 75 minutes each day. Is there a curriculum that i need to start her on. I can ask the director to verify her hours. Thank you for your time.j

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